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How to make terrace garden-A simple guide

Updated on October 4, 2014

Importance of Roof Top Garden

A roof top or terrace garden is about green plantation on the terrace in a planned and decorative manner. It adds beauty as well as has a good effect on the surrounding atmosphere. Roof top garden can be called rooftop farming also as it requires good hardworking and concentration to enjoy the scene the greenery on the terrace under a clear blue sky. Roof top gardens has many benefits, it controls the temperature, save rainwater, it can provide food, hydrological benefits and much more. Terrace garden lowers temperature in summer and keep the warmth during winter due to insulation. Roof top garden can be seen in urban areas. Roof top garden can easily lower the temperature about half a degree. The primary reason for heat build up in the urban area is insulation, the road materials, building material and all other artificial installations absorbs a good quantity of solar heat. The re-radiation of this solar heat causes the temperature to rise considerably. Roof top garden gives a good look to your terrace and adds extra attraction towards your home. It inculcates the habit of gardening and conserving natural beauty. Plants around you gives fresh oxygen which is beneficial for your health. The plants grown on your terrace sometimes help you in curing common illness naturally by using their leaves, fruits, branches, etc. Friends, i must say it keeps you busy in a noble work and hence, free of unwanted tension and stress as well as improves knowledge of plantation. Constructing a terrace garden is an example of good hardworking and a sweet notion to conserve nature. It also gives a greener look to your home from outside, which is naturally good to attract positive vibes to your home. Keeping nature near you brings health benefits and peace simultaneously in our lives.

Freshness on your terrace

space between the lanes provides free movement
space between the lanes provides free movement

Conserving Nature On Your Terrace

Everyone wants to be surrounded by greenery, colorful flowers. Over the last some decades urbanization has encroached nature, thus destabilizing various atmospheric phenomenon. Well, this is going a little scientific. Simply, we can say that we all love nature's greenery, its sweet smell, rainbow colors. We all want a garden where we can spend our evening sipping a cup of tea. But, lack of space and time consumes this dream. Don't worry, you can achieve this dream on your terrace by making a garden on your terrace. Some, countries promote terrace gardening a lot to attract tourist and to preserve the nature and environment. Terrace garden or roof top garden requires skill and hard work to make it successful. Before, building a terrace garden, the most important thing that you should keep in your mind is the strength of your terrace to hold the weight of the garden. The ladder for your terrace should be approachable . Select plants suitable to the climatic conditions exists in your area. Keep the plants in pots along the window line, this will bring fragrance in your home. Keep proportional plants and small trees. Hanging plants in the pots lowers the weight of your garden. These are some common things to be kept in mind while constructing terrace garden. Actually, it requires good engineering skill and know how of your terrace and building. Now, some technicalities for your terrace garden:

  • Go on your terrace and observe the area of your terrace. If you have large terrace, can opt for square foot garden as it requires more space. Vertical garden is good for lesser space, as it is grown mostly along the living walls.
  • Waterproof all the flooring where you feel leakage can occur.
  • Bring good soil suitable for your selected plants and herbs. Make a pattern of lanes for putting soil in it. Bring soil which exerts less pressure on the terrace surface. Add manure to enhance the fertility of the soil.
  • You can elevate your garden, by making wooden arrangements on the surface of your terrace. Be cautious of giving enough space between lanes for movement.
  • Eliminate weeds, pests thoroughly which comes with soil. This is important to keep your plants healthy. Furthermore, use organic pesticides also to keep away harmful insects and bacteria which may affect your plants.
  • Plantation along the walls or in the hanging pots, needs small plants and herbs. So, you should be very selective in this case.
  • Ensure a good drainage system to prevent your terrace from mud and foul smell. There should not be any leakage from the pots and wooden lanes.
  • Avoid tap rooted plants, as it can harm the structure of your terrace by growing its roots in the structure. Fiber rooted plants are good for your terrace.
  • Use glass shield or wooden shields to protect plants from direct sunlight, if your plants have a bad effect from direct sunlight.
  • Use of different colour bulbs, it enhances the beauty of your garden during night.
  • While leveling the floor of the terrace, ensure the floor is inclined towards the drainage avoid stagnation of water.
  • Plants should be at the level of your eyes as flowers usually grow on top of the branches. Tall plants should be grown at the back along the walls and shortest is the front row.

All these instructions will help you in making a beautiful terrace garden to give your house an added attraction with green view on your terrace. These suggestions or directions will help you in your conservative actions of making a good terrace garden to keep our place of living healthy. Terrace gardens are gradually picking up in our minds and can be seen in actions in our neighbourhood. It doesn't matter, if your terrace is small to accommodate a garden as such. All it needs, determination to make your living area in proximity to nature.


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