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How to choose the best Granny Flat Design

Updated on April 29, 2015

When investing your money in a property like a house, you need to be certain that the asset will be in good condition for a very long time to avoid incurring repair charges. You should not spend your hard earned money on structures that can not stand wear and tear and other environmental factors like strong winds and floods. You should take your time and compare the design materials to ensure you select the most durable for your granny flat.

If you are in an area where termites invade structures, you have to be careful whe choosing  wood for construction
If you are in an area where termites invade structures, you have to be careful whe choosing wood for construction | Source


When selecting a granny flat design, you need to ensure the materials used in the design gives you value for your money. Materials that are more durable may cost more, but they may end up saving you a lot of cost in repairs fee and time. Look out how the walls, roof and floor frame construction, bearers, joists and piers will be constructed.

If you are building the granny fat for an elderly person or kids, you will want to consider whether construction materials gives you the added protection against fire. Materials which are not flammable and will not burn gives you an added assurance when your are loved ones are using the house.

If you are in an area where termites invade structures, you may have an idea of how these tiny insects can bring down a well design structure in no time. When selecting materials to be used in your granny flat, ensure its characteristics make it hard for termites to destroy. The use of particle boards or ply flooring as part of the structure makes the structure to be an easy targets for termites.

It is also recommended to get materials that are water resistant. This means it should be hard enough not to deteriorate in water conditions such as floods and has zero water retention. This can be crucial if you are living in areas that are prone to flooding where material exposed to water might require you to change them regularly.

movable granny house
movable granny house | Source

Additionally, you may also want to consider using materials that have the ability to be replaced easily and cheaply should you need to do so in the future for any reason.


When you contact the contractor, ask for quotations of different designs to make comparisons. The contractor may include different packages with varying prices. But the most important factor when choosing the price will be whether the design meets your intended needs, so make the best value-for-money choice available to you. The contractor may also offer packages that include home warranty insurance.

A well built granny flat will also add value to the overall price of your property, therefore, ensure you choose a good design you may want to dispose your property in future.

A granny flat material will be determined by cost, purpose of the house, block size, location and environmental factors. It is advisable that you get in touch with a good contractor to help you choose the right design for your house. You can also customize your own granny flat to incorporate your ideas and features in the both the exterior and interior to meet you interests and lifestyle.


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