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How to choose the best compost bin for your organic garden

Updated on May 12, 2017
Image of a compost bin
Image of a compost bin

The best kind of compost bin can still differ from one person’s individual feedback to another. Other than the variation in prices, shapes, sizes, and even styles, composters for garden use can be simply determined through several things. To know which composting bin will best suit you and your organic garden, you may read furthermore of this article.

Narrowing down your options

There are compost bins that are homemade, as there are also garden composters that are already being sold commercially. You can also be assured that all of these will work into helping create some nutrient-rich organic compost for you. But note that composter selections can also be quite endless for anyone’s picking (there’s wood, plastic, wire-made, open, tumbling, etc.). However, you can still choose by going through a few buying considerations: (1) the allotted budget for your composter bin choice, (2) the size, capacity, and quantity of the bin, (3) the speed of the bin, (4) and the exterior look of the bin.

Composting Bin for Gardens
Composting Bin for Gardens

Budget allotment for a prospective garden composter

It’s important that you only purchase a composter that will fit your budget rather than splurge your money on something that won’t actually work well in your garden. You’re going to have to set a price range so that you’ll know where to start from. Also look for something that’s long-lasting and of high-quality. You’ll be surprised that even the most basic models last longer than the other preferences.

Compost bin size, capacity and quantity

Determining the size and capacity of your prospective composter is always important. It’ll be useless if you were to purchase a large container yet you only have a few organic wastes to compost on a regular basis. Makes sense, right? Be practical when choosing a garden composter, as this will help save you on your potential purchase/s. Also consider the number of bins that you’ll be using. You’ll need additional containers should you decide to have sizeable amounts of organic remains composted in a span of weeks or months (you’ll need these for when transferring finished compost).

Turning Compost Bin for fast composting
Turning Compost Bin for fast composting

Determining the speed of the compost bin

If you want to produce compost in the quickest way possible (as fast as two months), you might want to consider getting the type that spins (like a rotating bin for example). Composter types like this no longer need any manual mixing or turning (turning over compost materials with your bare hands), as steel rods are already attached on the bin for easy spinning. So you might want to consider getting something that finishes rapidly so that you may also be able to get your investment back right away.

Decorative Compost Bin for your Garden
Decorative Compost Bin for your Garden

A composter’s physical appearance

The exterior look of your outdoor compost bin can also add some beauty or décor in your organic garden, as this will still be seen at some angle in your plot. So if you can manage to put in a few more money into your bin, go ahead. But for those who have budget constraints, go for color matching at the very least. Make your bin blend well with its surroundings rather than have it exposed in its unsightly façade.


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