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How to choose your Air Conditioning

Updated on September 23, 2011

Air Conditioners

The idea that an air conditioning system is mostly used for getting fresh air is one myth that has been deconstructed through the past years.

Nowadays, almost every system has also the heating function due to a heat bomb that allows it to take advantage of the external thermical energy to heat up the interior.

Monthly Costs

One of the most common doubts relating air conditioners is its power consumptions.

The monthly invoice depends on the characteristics of the equipment, of the house and is also related to the consumer behavior. You have to be careful and look at the energy class, which should be the most efficient possible.

Through the multi-split system, you can connect several devices to a single exterior unit. Some equipments also have the inverter function, which allows a intelligent control of the temperature, regulating the power of the device with the temperature you want.

But, there're no miracles... The user behavior has a big relevance in the bills at the end of the month... You should garantee a good thermic isolation, avoid temperatures too high or too low and clean the filters regularly, these simple things optimize the efficiency of the air conditioning devices.

Health and Maintenance

Another myth is that air conditioners can be bad for your health. When talking about house equipments, these fears can be materialized, but only with bad use of the product.

This happens mostly when people choose a temperature with a big difference from the outside temperature. If you set it to 25º C in the summer and 20ºC in winter, you get and ideal relation between consumption/ideal temperature.

Cleaning the filters (in 15 days intervals) and the annual maintenance of the refrigerant level and tubes (made by professionals) are essential practices to guarantee a healthier environment in your house. Some equipments also come with air purification systems.


Another big evolution in air conditioners systems is the avoidance of using R22 that affect the ozone layer... Nowadays most of the constructors choose the R410A which is much more "clean"!

With this you get a more environment friendly equipment with all it's benefits!


This is a real big feature to take into account... Noise devices can really be "painful" after a while... So look for devices that don't exceed 39db.

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