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How to clean Oxypilot of your gas fire

Updated on October 18, 2010
red hot spot = air intake
red hot spot = air intake

In this post, I wrote about that my gas fire keeps going out after about half an hour. Several months ago, it broke down altogether.

My wife has made lots of calls, and commented that, gas engineers are laziest people in the whole world. Because she has called five times to one gas engineer, he always promised next week or in two weeks, but never showed up or returned her calls. I argued that gas fire engineer are so lazy because they can make easy money, they have enough to live upon their certificate.

Yesterday, I called another gas engineer, who said they have been booked for the next two weeks. I asked him to put me in the waiting list.

Well, Winter is approaching, we can't wait those lazy, busy engineer to save us from freezing to death. I have to think about DIY.

Then I dismantled my gas fire, and check the Oxypilot. It looks not so dirty. But the 'lazy fire' can't touch the thermocouple, which controls the gas valve. I checked it again, and found the 'air-intake' hole was blocked, but without another thinking, I did a very silly thing, as I poked the hole using my screw-driver, these dirty thing fell inside the gas pipe, and blocked the left nozzle, which is used to light up the main fire.

Then I had to use a wire to go through the nozzle, and huff-puffed hard into it.

At last it start working as new.

What we have learned from this is, that you have to check and clean the air-intake hole very carefully, this hole normally protected by a tin paper.

It's not safe to dismantle a gas fire because of possible gas leaking, if you are not sure about gas fire, you'd better wait the gas engineer come to rescue.


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    • profile image 6 years ago

      my valor keeps goin out after ten mins i bought a new thermocuple for £30 an fitted it an problem still ther help