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How to clean a green swimming pool - create an algae free pool

Updated on May 27, 2012

Yesterday I decided to create a new you tube movie explaining how to clear algae that's built up within a swimming pool and published the final results today.

Its a step by step guide on how I tackle the problem. I must admit I did deliberately allow the pool to turn green to shoot the movie but some times in the past when the weather has not been great the pool cover is left on for a few days and once opened a build up of algae can be found so the steps within the video are taken.

On a day to day basis I manage the pool spending 10 min every morning just sweeping away any new growth and keeping a check on chlorine levels to avoid green water and for the majority of the open season have no real problems with water quality.

The swimming pool at La Forge is open from the start of March until the end of September.

I hope you enjoy the second movie clip which is here for a bit of fun it shows my girlfriend jumping in to the pool on the first day its opened while the water temperature was only 9 degrees. She was not allowed to feel the water before jumping

the step by step guide

taking the plunge


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