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How to clean and organize your home library?

Updated on January 18, 2017

Organize your home library in 5 easy steps

The library is really important part of every house. One home could not be only beautiful and stylish. It has to be also a place where you find a piece, where you are safe and where you children to grow. The education is not only a job for the teachers. Kids should get knowledge in their home. So the home library should be clean, tidy and easy to use.

Take away the books

Don`t worry! Just for a few moments because you need to clean the library. The dust that has been collected is really dangerous for your family’s health. The dust could cause allergies and asthma. From the other hand you have to check the room where the library is, for mold. If the humidity in there is high you have to take precautions, because the humidity is the biggest enemy of the paper. If you want to prevent your books you have to remove the mold and after that to put dehumidifier in this special room. Use mix of 4 parts bleach and 1 part warm water to remove the mold. I recommend you to put your library in warm and sunny room to avoid the humidity, but don’t forget that the library shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight.

Dust your books, too

Now when all the books are not on the shelves, you have to dust them, too. Use dry electrostatic towel to remove the dust. Never use moist towel or chemical products. That will ruin the book’s paper.

Make your own public library

Divide your library to sections and label them. Just like a public library. Use traditional public library labels like to organize your books. Biography, business, classics, fiction, kids, gardening, historical, contemporary best-sellers, borrowed, etc.
You don’t have to fill completely every section. Leave a space for the future, where you could put new books. And one more tip before start to label. The kid’s books should be on the lowest shelves, because they should reach them easy.

Arrange the books

After you label the shelves you have to arrange the books. You could use really easy way. Use the first letter of the last author’s name. For the authors with the same letter, use the first book’s name letter and so on. For example “The little prince” from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry should be next to “The count of Monte Cristo” from Alexandre Dimas in the section classics.

Be smart

Organize not only the shelves, but the whole room. If you have separate room for library you could set it to be really cozy. Place big armchairs and cushions on the floor. Use lamps with soft light. Put some pictures on the walls and little table with blank sheets and pens. Separate nook for kids with coloring books and crayons. And if the library is in the living room, just use the furniture to separate it.


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