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How to clean cloggoed Jets on Carpet Extractors

Updated on April 13, 2011

How to Clean Clogged Jets on Carpet Extractors

Your carpet extractor is not shooting out solution evenly or nothing is coming out?

It could be that solution jets are clogged up with debris or residue of leftover solution from the last use has dried up inside.

First test it out.

Put water into the solution tank and turn the machine on to run the solution. How is it working? If the solution is not shooting out clean and evenly or nothing at all, do the following to clean up:

1: Open the solution jets gently and soak them in vinegar for 1 to 3 hours.

2: Look at the hole in the middle of the jets and see if the hole is cleared. If not, use tiny metal needles that can fit into the size of the hole and gently poke it through to clean it out. Do not force it and damage the hole inside.

3: Rinse in clean water to remove any residue inside.

4: Put them back to its place and try running the extractor to test it out.

** If this procedure does not fix the problem, it could be with other problems, such pump motor. Please check with a mechanic at your local distributors.

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