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How to clear clutter from the closet

Updated on April 6, 2014

Storage space is always at a premium at most homes as the space is taken away by the clutter that is accumulated in the bedroom, kitchen closet and other areas. Is your closet full of clothes that you had stopped wearing a long time ago? Do you have many clothes shoved in the back of the closet? De-clutter the closet so that you can make way for new clothes, shoes and other accessories that you love to wear regularly.

Minimize the mess with easy ways to clear clutter from the closet

Get organized - Getting organized may seem an impossible task but with just a little bit of planning and effort you may be able to turn the messy areas into neat and stylish spaces. Identify the problem areas so that you become aware of what needs to be cleared away. Separate and organize things with the help of baskets and adjustable shelves. Fold all the items in a neat manner so that you may be able to arrange them properly and create space. Keeping the clutter under control can be tough even for the most organized individual. It is best to organize your mind so that you are prepared and this can enable you to arrange areas based on tasks and activities on a regular basis. You may be able to create extra storage in areas that are unused by removing the clutter. After you have organized everything properly it does not take much time and effort to keep it that away each day or week.

Storage solutions - Hunting for your favorite jewelry or accessory can be a tiring and frustrating experience. Sturdy baskets are one of the easiest ways to arrange everything according to necessity. You can buy baskets of different sizes and colors so that you may be able to organize your clothes, jewelry, cosmetics and other items easily. You may be able to separate the expensive and cheap jewelry and this can help you access them easily. Label the baskets so that you know what is stored in each one of them. Hang hooks and other door organizers so that you may be able to create extra space for belts, keys and other similar items. A good storage solution should be easy to use and access. Avoid fancy storage solutions as they may be difficult to use and may occupy a lot of space.

Relinquish and reduce - The hardest skill that you need to learn when you decide to make your closet clutter free is to let go of things that are of no use to you. This is easier said than done as most things that we store over a period have sentimental value attached to them and this makes it difficult to throw them even when they are damaged. Do your remember the red sweater gifted by your mother that has become too small for you but yet you refuse to let go. These and other such things occupy maximum space in the closet and when you decide to donate them you may be able to free up space immediately. When you donate things that are in good condition you may be able to bring a smile on many faces.

Weekly or monthly clutter sweep - It is best to do a weekly or monthly clutter sweep so that you may be able to keep everything organized. each month you can take everything out of the closet so that you are able to identify things that you may need and may not need. This can also help you rearrange things that you need to access easily. When you set aside a few minutes each week for the cleaning you may not get stressed with the process of arranging everything properly.

When you arrange everything properly you may be able to create a sense of beauty in your closet that is appealing to the eye. Resist the temptation to store everything as you may slowly be losing valuable space in your home. All it takes is a little bit of effort and time and you may be amazed with the results. A beautiful house that is clutter free attracts a lot of positive energy and is often the key to your prosperity and good health.


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