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How to Create an Exquisite Bedroom

Updated on February 16, 2018

Do the interiors of rooms shown on full-page spreads of home decor magazines or interior design websites attract you to the most? Want to have a flashy and luxurious space that makes you feel relaxed at the end of a hectic day? A captivating bedroom having necessary furniture units, embellished with lights and accessories can grant you all that. It is a personal retreat which expresses your favourite furniture, colours and collections.

You may choose to make it look very traditional like a king's room. You may want to keep it contemporary and elegant. Or you may prefer a place with a modern touch. No matter what style you want, always keep in mind; a bedroom should always depict your personality and provide calmness and royalness to the home. These are the most fundamental features that you should remember when decorating a bedroom.

Spruce up your bedroom with neutral colours

It doesn't matter whether you have a retro style or modern room, decorating it with soothing shades and restful palette of monochromatic colours is the amazing way to give the space a style. The important thing is you should remember the colour theory while giving the bedroom an exquisite look. For instance light shades of lavender, blues and likes provide calmness to space. Rich jewel hues are known to provide the area with a comfortable and warm feeling. Include toned-down versions of your favourite colours while decorating the bedroom.

Aim to have a stunning ceiling

A charming bedroom is supposed to be a reflection of healthy and happy life. So think about the ceiling of the room. Add soft colours and enticing patterns to give the blank surface a beauty. Paint the fifth wall, i.e. ceiling with shades lighter than other walls. This will help you to provide the room with intimacy and will visually lower the ceiling.

Other ways to style the ceiling is with wallpapers, stencils, or can use decorative paint treatments. You can also add some architectural elements to give the space an attractive look. For ultimate comfort and luxury, try to decorate the bedroom ceiling with silver-leaf patterns. The best way to beautify the ceiling is to furnish the bedroom with poster bed having a canopy and whose dressings or fabrics hang from the ceiling. You can also add chandelier of crystal for an enhanced and interesting look. It is up to you whether you want your room ceiling to give a sumptuous or a sophisticated look.

Go for minimalistic look

Regardless of the style you choose, the bedroom is a place in the home that should be simple, cosy and inviting. For the easy moment and airy feel, it is advised to leave minimum space of 3 feet between the walls, large furniture and the bed and at least 2 feet gap between the bed and other units like dressers, study table etc.

For an enticing and fabulous appearance furnish your bedroom with only those furniture units that you need. Including additional seating furniture units like a sofa, will provide a cluttered look to it. Also, you should keep accessories to the minimum. Go for a simple artwork, or photo frames or candles and leave them alone.

Must-Have furniture pieces and accessories for magnificent bedroom

Creating an impressively beautiful bedroom is all about paying attention to the furniture pieces and other elements. We wanted that while decorating the space go through each piece of furniture and decide how you can style them like a designer, making them both functional as well as charming.

  • The king of the bedroom – The Bed: Naturally, the bed takes up half of the room space providing it with a classy focal point. So, choose the bed furniture according to your style. You can opt for king size bed, double bed, poster bed, queen size bed and likes.

If you want to take your bed to the next level in style then dress it with some bedding accessories. The thumb rule is to go for a duvet, two standard pillowcases, two housewife pillowcases and a decorative cushion. For further beauty, consider adding throws, bolster cushion etc. Make sure you tie in the colours to the rest of space for an attractive mix.

  • The double duty unit- The Chest of Drawers: For an enhanced and interesting appeal, add a wooden chest of drawers in the room. They will not only provide enough space to hide knick-knacks but when paired with a hanging mirror will provide a space to get ready for the work. You can place a table lamp on its smooth top surface to illuminate the room and to provide visual height. You can also decorate it with photo frames, a small tray containing perfumes etc. for a pretty display.
  • Frequently accessible piece- The bedside Table: Basically, these are the smallest units in the room and works best in the area if the matching set has been used to style. Because of the symmetry, they allow to rest eyeballs on them and help create a feeling of calmness in the room. You can further amplify the look by decorating them with matching table lamps or have a little fun by placing small decorative pieces. Consider things like a vase of fresh flowers, stack of books, a small ceramic bowl or tray and likes.
  • Frontend Decor- The Curtains: The curtains set the mood, tone and style of the room. They are the elements which give the space comfort and warmth along with luxury. So, give attention to them and make sure you hang them as near to the ceiling as possible. If you want to allow much light into the space then include two layers of them one sheer and other opaque in amazing colours and patterns. Curtains will give the whole room an illusion and will draw the eye towards them.
  • The Large Storage Box- The Wardrobes: A wooden wardrobe is a great choice for an exquisite bedroom. They are very essential yet stylish that render an apparel shop like appeal to the room. Plus, you can choose from a variety of finish, wood, designs and sizes. You can even design them according to your need and taste.
  • The bonus items- For a more gorgeous and welcoming look, consider adding other furniture pieces and accessories in the space. For comfort and luxury include an upholstered wing chair in a corner or an ottoman or bench at the foot of the bed. A soft rug or carpet underfoot will help give some texture and class and the addition of some natural items like plants, decorative wood planks will always look amazing in any space.

Include plenty of lighting Options

A fantastic and appealing bedroom is incomplete without the lighting. So, include layers of it in the space. For instance, include ambient lighting to the well-illuminated room. Small pendant lights or lamps as focus lights for reading and other activities and accent lights to give the walls a soft feel.

Let your bedroom be a real breakout

Keep the equipment like television, computer, exercise machine etc. out of the room and have a space dedicated to sleeping, romance and reading. Try to create a cherished place to enjoy the environs.

We hope the tips mentioned here will give you the confidence to decorate and accessorise your bedroom beautifully without worrying about making mistakes or wasting time and money.

© 2018 Rajat Sharma


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