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How to Prevent Home Burglaries!

Updated on May 6, 2017

Home Burglaries

On an annual basis thousands of people suffer from home burglaries. I will attempt to educate you on preventing yourself from being a victim. Not only will improving the lighting on the exterior part of your home prevent burglaries, but by you improving your home, other people in the neighborhood might follow your lead in boosting the security of their home which in turn will create a livelier and up beat neighborhood. I will talk about 5 major categories that will build a more comfortable atmosphere. The landscape, plant life and exterior of the house or property, how well your property is lit, things to do to change and to avoid having a specific routine, you must improve the general security of the home, and make it difficult to enter and exit your house easily. By the end of this HUB your way of thinking will have changed and you will be educated on how not to be a victim of home burglaries.


Vegetation and Exterior

When I talk about vegetation and the exterior of the home, there are many different aspect that a home owner must be aware of.There are specific ways to improve the security of your home. First you never want to allow for shrubbery to get over grown and block your view out or into your home. Any kind of bushes that may skew your view in or out of the home will also skew any attempt of having an eye witness of the burglary. It would behoove you to keep all shrubbery at an average chest level. Second is to implement a chain link fence that has gates that when used properly enter your property. For example, have a fence of 5 foot with a gate or gates near the drive way and the front sidewalk, allowing for a burglar to have to use a gate to get near the home or force the burglar to jump the fence. You should always try and have your backyard fully fenced, preferably with chain link fence or an open fence for better visibility. Finally you should plant specific plants around your yard, preferably along the fence line, such as Roses, Devil Thorns, Blackberry bushes, Cacti, or even a vinery plant like Holly Ivy. This just adds another layer of defense for a burglar to pass before reaching your home.

Having a well lit home is important to prevent all kinds of crime from occuring around your home.
Having a well lit home is important to prevent all kinds of crime from occuring around your home. | Source

Lighting of Your Home

Lighting is often overlooked, and those that have good exterior lights will forget to turn them on or refuse to have them on at night due to the power bill. Truth be told, that 50” television costs a lot more than a few extra dollars on your power bill, and their is no replacement to someone's life. Having a well lit exterior on your home can help with many different things, not only will it deter burglars from entering your home but it can also deter criminals from breaking into your car. The best kind of lighting is a double sided motion light. This will allow for a well lighted area when set off, giving the chance for an eye witness to get a view of the perpetrator. You should always have deck and porch lights that are turned on every night. Station the motion lights in high desirable areas such as the back side of the home, on both sides of the house, if it is a large enough area and finally near the garage. Every house is going to be different, so please plan accordingly. Having a well lit home is arguably the best way to deter crime.

Having a Specific Routine

This is by far the hardest to avoid, everybody has jobs and typically a regular schedule. The best advice that I can offer is to change your schedule a little bit at a time. Maybe leave a few minutes later, or have your significant other leave earlier than normal and you leave later than normal. Devise a plan where you and your significant other come home for lunch every once in awhile, on different days. Try and do the little things to change your routine. If your schedule allows for you to drive by the house during the day, then take an alternate route to do so. Try and change your schedule to protect your belongings and your home. You can also ask a trusted neighbor to peak over at your property every once in awhile, ask a few neighbors to do this just for added security.

Ultimate Door Security

Improving the Security of Your Home

Now that I have the security of the exterior of your home covered and your routine altered, you need to focus on the physical security of your home. Don’t be the house on the block that a 9 year old can break into or would be willing to break into. First, ensure all your vehicles doors are locked, if you have a car with a garage opener that’s not in the garage, take the garage opener inside with you. Make sure you lock all doors at night. Any exterior door including the door to your garage should be equipped with a dead bolt. Stop hiding keys in the lawn for that special emergency that you lock your keys in the house, its not worth someone finding it. Find a friend that is good with power tools and place sticks in the tracks of all windows and sliding glass doors. If you are capable of reinforcing exterior door frames, do it. You can also use harmless traps, such as 4 soda cans with rocks in them tied together by a string . A burglar can trip on them and create noise and could get tangled up, also place a sticker stating “this home is protected by smith and Wesson”. Even if you don’t own a gun, perception is a very powerful tool. The last piece of advice on this would be to never install a doggie door, not only can it be an easy way to get tools in to unlock the door but it allows for access of all kinds of critters, like rats and raccoons which could cause damage to your home as well.


Dont be the Target!!

I have briefly covered this already, mentioning the chain link or open fence with gates and planting specific types of bushes. Another idea is to implement an alarm system if you can find the budgeting for it. If you really want added securities for the back yard get a dog. Not only are they a trusted companion, but they also typically deter burglars. Building a patio or deck with a cover and a fence may also help stop a burglar from trying to exit quickly.

So please remember all of these tips to better secure your home from a burglary. Add security by installing locks, replace old lights with motion lights to improve security, avoid getting into a timely routine, keep shrubbery down at a low level, and finally try to make it difficult to enter and exit your home. If you do just a few of these steps it will lower your chances of a burglary happening to you and if you do all of them it will assure that your house will stay the way you want it to be.


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