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How to eliminate embarrassing human and pet urine odors.

Updated on September 10, 2012
Natural Urine Odor Eliminator Kit
Natural Urine Odor Eliminator Kit
Skunk Odor Eliminator Kit
Skunk Odor Eliminator Kit

Now you can rid urine and feces odor with a natural product that is even safe on most carpets and fabrics!

Any area that has become saturated with either human or pet urine can be a challenge especially as it becomes very potent smelling on humid days. No matter how much you clean the area the odor just keeps coming back like a bad dream.

Once a cat finds a corner the urine will begin to saturate into the carpet, padding and down into the sub flooring. It will also saturate in behind and under the wood base boards.

Cats also love the backs of sofas , chairs, and wooden end tables. Once an area has been used by one cat new cats will gravitate to that area thinking it is a litter box.

If it is not a cat, little boys with a poor aim can create the same problem around bathroom toilets. Urine will flow and puddle underneath the toilet tank and seat. Urine also will run down the outside of the toilet bowl and in underneath the base and around where the toilet bolts to the floor.

Just like the corners where cats spray, bathrooms also have corners in behind the toilets with base boards for urine to seep in behind and under. Ceramic tile floors are non porous but as the grout ages and cracks around the ceramic tile it allows urine to soak in under the tile.

Bedrooms where elderly people have stayed, or children who are bed wetter’s can really create urine odor problems in the bed and on the floor around the bed.

To eliminate urine odor the bacteria causing the odors must be destroyed. Unfortunately up until now the chemicals that destroyed the bacteria such as bleach also destroyed carpets, upholstery and fabrics.

The other option is to use liquid enzymes to kill the bacteria, they are more fabric friendly but they use a bacteria enzyme to kill the urine bacteria. The odor eating Enzymes were initially developed to control odors for outdoor waste treatment plants and cesspools. Enzyme will also work great on stenches from grease and animal fats that have become rank.

A new product on the market that was actually developed for professional use in veterinary clinics to keep the odors from not only pet urine, but, feces and emesis from overpowering their clients who were bringing pets into the clinic.

Odormed is now available for the general public to use on all types of urine and waste problems in around the home, or commercial properties and even in automobiles. It was developed using all natural ingredients and oils, so it is not an enzyme.

Saturating areas with Odormed and allowing it to run into and under areas where urine has puddle will eliminate any urine bacteria that it touches.

For deep urine odor problems in carpet, the carpet will probably need to be pulled back in order to be able to reach and saturate the pad, tack strip and sub flooring. If the carpet is badly stained and old it’s probably just as easy to remove both the carpet and pad and replace with all new after the sub floor and base board area has been treated.

Saturate and then let it all dry out good. We like to seal the sub floor with shellac and or varnish over the urine stain before replacing the pad. Even on concrete slabs, it is a good measure to seal over all the areas after it is treated and allowed to dry.

In areas such as the bathroom the toilet caulking may need to be removed to allow the product to reach the bacteria. Old ceramic tile grout may need to be cleaned out in order to allow the product to soak down in underneath the tile. A hair dryer will speed up the drying process.

For bedrooms the same treatment will likely need to be completed on the carpet, which means a bit more work than just a corner roll back. The bed frame may need to be taken outside anyway to be treated. If the mattress is not old or badly stained it can be treated with the Odormed product, but it still must reach the source of the bacteria for it to eliminate it.

The same process can be used on hardwood floors, but laminate floors do not always do well with moisture.

To be safe the product should be tested in a closet or other out of the way area to test for color fast on fabrics and carpets as well how wooden flooring products will handle it.

The Thornell Corporation who developed Odormed also created the amazing Skunk Off products that will totally eliminate skunk spray on dogs, people and clothing within seconds. That’s right no more burying the cloths and staying up all night reaping shampoos and washes. We have used Skunk Off first hand and it works fantastic, even on the dog collar.

You can purchase Odormed in a handy 22 ounce spray bottle with a gallon refill at Cottage Craft Works .com The gallon will go a long ways, plus it stays shelf stable for a very long time for routine and future odor control needs.

The kit comes ready to use, it runs around $80 but considering the cost of carpet replacement or living with the odor, most people are happy to spend this little on something that works so effective.


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