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How to find a dream property?

Updated on November 30, 2012

Buying a house for yourself and for your family is really a big deal, since like cars; a house is also a much bigger expense for the whole household than an item used every day.

Many of us would like to have an own house, a real dream home – we are all working hard to have this dream fulfilled. Years will go until we can start to search for this house mentioned above.

Ideal places for search are free classified sites on the internet and newspapers, as well as sites completely designed for houses and lands for sale. On the internet, you can search between many ads and you can even easily compare the search results like price of the property, surroundings, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, place, etc. I advise you to only have a look at those ads that have pictures about the property – you will have plenty of results to choose from in that way also – and you will have some idea on how the house looks like. Another likely option for your search are flyers about houses for sale in the exact neighborhood you want to buy the house. Those flyers are not too informative – but are very popular. You can even look for signs of ‘For sale’ in front of the houses. These are direct methods, but you can take a look at the property or land for sale at once. Finally, you can employ a real estate agent as well who will do the upper mentioned ‘work’ for you - but I think search is not the biggest and hardest part of the work – you will enjoy looking at advertisements about houses for sale.

After you have some favorite, all you have to do is to choose a few that you will visit personally. But, before that pick up the phone and ask the seller a few questions about the property to make sure you won’t make an unnecessary trip to the house – there are many problems that may occur during the phone call. Never forget to ask at least a few of the following questions:

  • What is the exact location of the property? (state, city, zip code, exact street name)
  • What is the total size of the property? (size of the house and the surrounding lot)
  • How many bed- and bathrooms does the house have?
  • When was the house built?
  • Are there any special characteristics that were not included in the advertisement? (Does the house have a pool, etc.)
  • · What can be found in the neighborhood?

If after the phone call everything still seems to be ok, you can make a trip to visit the property for sale personally. On the spot do not be afraid – ask everything about the house you are interested in. Remember – you don’t want to spend your hardly earned money on a pig in a poke, so be finicky and niggling.

Finally, I would advise you to keep the following ‘rule’ to avoid problems during the whole process of buying a property:

Never send or give money to the seller until you’ve agreed on everything and signed all the paperwork!

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