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How to gain home equity over the weekend

Updated on June 4, 2014

As a busy mom, I try to think of ways to do things cheaper, faster, and more effectively. Sprucing up my home is something that I am concentrating on these days. I am not planning on selling my home anytime soon but there are a few people out there that are. We all want to squeeze as much equity out of our houses as possible so I recommend doing the work yourself and doing the cheap and easy things that will make it easier for you to up the asking price.

Quick Fixes

Here are a few of the things you can do in a day or two without an expert.

  • Paint the walls - If you have crazy wallpaper or colors on your wall, paint over it now. Make the house a neutral palette that will appeal to a broad range of buyers. Plus, when people see wallpaper, they think work. You want people to feel like they can move right in.
  • Change light fixtures - if your lights are outdated, it really brings down appeal of the home. I got great lights at Home Depot for $20 each and they look amazing. Don't forget the front and back porch lights!
  • Update faucets - Bathrooms and kitchens sell houses. Updated faucets can make a big statement. You can add new light covers or towel racks and throw in clean fresh towels for a new look without the renovation. Don't forget to clean the tub...people always look at it.
  • Clean your lawn - pick up trash and toys. Sweep the walkway and put a new potted plant on the porch. Don't forget to cut the grass.
  • Landscaping counts - make sure leaves are out of the flower beds and remove dead plants. You can add new plants if you want but fresh mulch looks great on its own.
  • Update appliances - I know that a new fridge may not be in the budget but what about a can of appliance paint? They are a few bucks and you can paint all of your appliances to match.
  • Crown molding - All you have to do is take your measurements to your local home improvement store and have the molding cut to size. Take it home and nail it up yourself, then paint...instant value! You can also do this for chair rails.
  • Paint cabinets - if your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity are looking outdated, just give them a coat of primer and paint. You can also add new hardware for a great look. If you can't afford new hardware, paint it too. Use special metal adhering paint though.
  • Floors matter - If you have the money, change the carpet in rooms where it is extremely stained.
  • Dust - You would be surprised at how many people forget to get cobwebs out of corners.
  • Doorknobs - If you have gold knobs and hinges, you can paint spray paint them for a fresh look or replace them all with a cool brushed nickel. Just make sure you do them all or it will look unfinished.

 Don't forget the obvious things like keeping the house clean.  You don't want people tripping over toys.  Clean the windows and open the blinds and curtains...let the light in.  Don't leave dishes in the sink and make sure counters are clear of all unnecessary appliances and clutter.  Good luck!


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    • j_barnhart4 profile image

      j_barnhart4 9 years ago from Tennessee

      The hubby has been working a lot so I thought I'd take it upon myself to get the yard mowed. I'm blissfully watching the neighbor's son do it right now. :)

    • Laughing Mom profile image

      Laughing Mom 9 years ago

      All great ideas! We're in the dreaming stage of moving. We spent the day today putting in plants, digging out dead ones, raking up all the leaves from fall and winter and pruning trees. I'm exhausted! But it's well worth it looking out the kitchen into the backyard. AND I get to go out for dinner! Another benefit of doing it yourself!

      Stay in your pajamas. That'll make me feel normal! :-)

    • j_barnhart4 profile image

      j_barnhart4 9 years ago from Tennessee

      Thank you for the compliment. I didn't know I was supposed to get out of my pajamas. Whoops! LOL

    • shibashake profile image

      shibashake 9 years ago

      You are truly a super mom! I don't know how you find the time to do all this, take care of the kids, *and* write on HubPages. I have a difficult time just getting out of my pajamas :)

    • DarleneMarie profile image

      DarleneMarie 9 years ago from USA

      Great suggestions for improving the value of your home!