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How to grow Begonias

Updated on April 7, 2010

Begonias are in a huge group of plants,most will make superb house plants.

They generally prefer filtered light,regular fertilizing,a rich potting mix that is slightly acidic.Add leaf mold,organic matter or peat moss to your potting mix.

Keep your plants constantly moist with good drainage to keep roots from rotting.

We have Angel Wing Begonias,which are cane stemmed with pairs of leaves that look loke extended wings.

Cane-stemmed begonias have fibrous roots with jointed stems,with bamboo like joints.Growth erect or spreading,includes angel wing begonias.

Lucerna begonia has silver spotted leaves,with clusters of coral flowers.

It likes strong light but not the hot sun.Keep the soil constantly moist.Prune back to keep plant bushy after flowering.

Elatior begonias are winter blooming variety with single ,red,pink and red-orange flowers on sprawling plants.

This plant likes good light but not hot sun.

Water when top inch of potting mix is dry.

Keep water off leaves to prevent mildew.

Fertilize sparingly for a good bloom.You can force a summer bloom by placing plant in a dark room to create longer nights.

Beefsteak begonia has round two to three inch leaves,dark green tops,deep red below with pink flowers.

Fibrous rooted begonias grow from masses of roots,and are easy to grow.

Fuchsioides have small,bright green shiny leaves,drooping clusters of pink or red flowers with erect stems arching at tips.

Masoniana is the Iron cross begonia and is a Rhizome.It has big,rough chartreus leaves centereed with a brown marking that resembles a german or maltese cross,.centered with a brown marking that resembles a maltese or german cross.Insignificant white flowers with dark bristles.

Rex begonia have many varieties bueatiful colored sheild like leaves.

Leaf colors come in maroon,rose,lilac,greens,silver gray and combinations.

Do not over water or feed,as the rhizome serves as a storage tank for both.Give good light without hot sun.

May go dormant in winter.Keep on the dry side until growth resumes.

Wax begonias are fibrous rooted dwarfs and are 4-6 inches,grow best indoors.

Have bright leaves that are brownish,green,reddish with reddish ribs on some.

The flowers are single or double and come in white,red,rose and pinks.If well watered can take sun.

Calla lily begonias are a kind of semperflorens with some foliage varigated with white,and are rather delicate.

Give cool temperatures,bright light but no hot sun.High humidity and avoid over watering.


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    • craftybegonia profile image


      8 years ago from Southwestern, United States

      I love begonias, especially the double ones! Thanks for the information. Nice hub.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      "Grow hub about growning plants just in time for summer!"

      "Two thumbs up!

      CEO E.S.A.H.S. Association


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