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How to grow Tomatoes plants on the patio in pots or containers.

Updated on March 26, 2015

Pictures of Tomatoes!

Tomatoes at local farmers market. These Tomatoes are ready for customers to buy at the farmers market.
Tomatoes at local farmers market. These Tomatoes are ready for customers to buy at the farmers market. | Source
Yellow Pear Tomatoes at local farmers market.  Tomatoes up for sale to farmer market customers.
Yellow Pear Tomatoes at local farmers market. Tomatoes up for sale to farmer market customers. | Source
Different types of Tomatoes at local farmers market. That are ready for sell to farmer market customers.
Different types of Tomatoes at local farmers market. That are ready for sell to farmer market customers. | Source

What kind of Tomatoes varieties do you like?

What kind of Tomatoes varieties do you like?

See results

Five Stars for Tomatoes lovers!

5 stars for Five Stars for Tomatoes lovers!

Growing Tomatoes in pots or large containers.

Hi Gardening Friends

Here is some information on how to grow tomatoes in containers or large pots. First you can go to your local garden center and pick out your favorite tomatoes plants that you would want to plant into containers. If you don't want to buy tomato plants transplants at the local garden center then you can grow them from seed and that should be done about six to eight weeks before you would plant the containers.There are many tomatoes that you can grow in containers. I do have a hub on How to grow Tomatoes plants from seed. So if you want to grow Tomatoes from seed you can look up the hub that I written on how to grow Tomatoes plants from seed.

Here are a few Tomatoes Plants Varieties that you can grow in containers

Cherry, Pear and Grape Tomatoes Varieties.

Cherry Tomatoes Varieties: Tumbling Tom Red, Tumbling Tom Yellow, Yellow Pear,Red Pear,Tiny Tim, Sweet Baby Girl Hybrid, Sweet Million, Sweet 100, Better Bush Juliet and Tami G. Many of these varieties you can start and transplant them in containers like hanging baskets. Tumbling Tom Red and Tumbling Tom Yellow also Better Bush and Tiny Tims. These are Tomatoes that you can grow in containers.

And here are some other Tomatoes Varieties that you can raise and grow in pots or containers.

Early Tomatoes Varieties: Fourth of July, Early Girl Hybrid,Big Early, Mountain Spring Tomatoes.

Mid Season Tomatoes Varieties: Celebrity,Mountain Delight Hybrid, Mountain Fresh Hybrid, Mountain Pride Hybrid,Burpee's Big Boys hybrid, Better Boy hybrid,

Late Season Tomatoes Varieties:
Moneymaker,Sunbeam,Sunbrite,Manitoba, There are many others that you can try but these are a few that I think would be good varieties to try for late season growing in containers.

Heirloom Tomatoes Varieties:
Heirloom tomatoes that you can try in pots Big Rainbow, Pineapple Great White,Aunt Ruby Green Tomato, Mortgage Lifter, Mr Stripey,Old German,Beefsteak,Pruden Purple and many others to choice from.

All the above Tomatoes can be grow in pots or very large containers. Which it depends on what type and size of container that you should use.

Now how to plant the Tomatoes in containers. Now how to plant the Tomatoes in containers. First you need for the larger tomatoes a larger container either a 3 gallon pot or larger like from 3 gallon up to 30 gallon pot or container. in which it depends on what size tomato you are growing in a pot. Like Big Rainbow, or Pineapple tomatoes a larger container should be used. If you are growing Cherry Tomatoes you can grow them in 10 inch Hanging Baskets. Now you need a good potting soil like Pro Mix and Miracle Gro Potting Soil. These would be great soils to use for growing your tomatoes in containers. Now get your pot and one tomato plant and fill the pot with potting soil and then plant the tomato plant in the middle of the pot in the larger growing tomatoes you should only plant one plant per container. After you have your plant planted in a container you should water the plant well in. By watering the Tomato plant thoughly after tranplanting into the container to seal up all of the air pockets that are in the soil of the container so that this will give your plant a very good start in the growing process.

What type of fertilizer do you buy for Tomatoes. Now you need to buy a good Tomato fertilizer You can buy a fertilizer for Tomatoes like Miracle Gro for Tomatoes. You need to place your Tomato plant that is in the container were its gets at less 8 hours of sun light a day. Doing so will insure healthy Tomato plants because Tomato plants really enjoy sunlight.Doing the growing season keep your Tomatoes Plants water and fertilize doing the hot dry days of summer. Particularly during long periods of drought you need to keep your Tomato plants that are growing in containers large or small well watered. And you may have to stake your Tomatoes. You will have to stake the larger Tomatoes varieties because they will just grow to tall and not be able to stand on there own so that is why you would have to stake the early varieties, mid season varieties and the late season varieties.

Some Diseases and Pests that affect Tomatoes even in Pots or Containers.Tomato plants are attracted to many worms,beetles, diseases and other pest that affect the health of Tomatoes plants. It is very important to keep and eye on your Tomato plants for certain kind of plants pests. Damage on leaves and striped leaves or foliage means that it is almost certain that the tomato horn worms are present. Also if you have holes bored in your fruit of yourTomatoes means Tomato fruitworms have hatched. Then if you have blotched and yellow leaves or foliage may mean that your tomatoes plants haves the blight and if you have stunted plants could mean that you have problems with nematodes have just invaded. To control the major diseases and pests on Tomatoes plants that are common to varieties if which you may consider to planting the more modern hybrid varieties which have in- bred disease resistance, as compared to the old fashion heirloom varieties that haves been passed down from generations to generations.To combat some of the disease problems that are common to some tomato varieties, you may consider planting the more modern hybrid varieties that are resistance to the common diseases that effect the older varieties of Tomatoes like the Heirloom varieties. Here is some diseases that will effect your Tomatoes plants and if you want more information you can call your local county extension agent and get fact sheets on your different diseases that I am about to talk about here. First determine what type of disease is effecting your plants. Then you can pick the Tomato variety that is resistance to the following diseases. I have friends that have gone to the big box stores and brought their tomato plants and they have gotten many diseases in there soil and this haves cause alot of problems in growing tomatoes outside in my area. See the problem is that the big box stores brought the tomatoes plants that was grown in the south and delivered the plants to stores in the north. Which had the disease of fall late blight and this disease is causing major problems to growers in the north. Because the disease is spread by spores though the air. And most chemicals that are on the market is not effective for the disease. So most commercial growers are growing tomatoes in high tunnels in the north and are successful with them. I will be adding more to this article at a later date?

The disease identification codes shown below follow the variety names:

V- Verticillium Wilt

F- Fusarium Wilt (FF- Races 1&2, FFF- Races 1,2 &3 )

N- Nematodes

T- Tobacco Mosaic Virus

A- Alternaria Stem Canker

St- Stemphylium Gray Leaf Spot

TSWV- Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus

The new hybrid kind of Tomato Varieties are disease resistant to the above diseases that I have just named. Here are some Tomatoes varieties that would be resistant to the above diseases.

1. Goliath - Original Hybrid VFFNTASt 65 days.

2.Goliath Pear - Hybrid VFF 90 days.

3. Goliath Early Hybrid VFFNTASt 58 days.

4. Goliath Sunny Hybrid VFN 70 days.

5. Goliath Prime Beef Hybrid VFFTSt 70 days.

6. Goliath Italian Hybrid VFFNTA 70 days.

7. Goliath Cluster Hybrid VFFT 65 days.

8. Goliath Bush Hybrid VFN 68 days.

9.Goliath Old Fashioned Hybrid VF 78 days.

This Family of Tomatoes which is called Goliath will be great to grow in hugh containers do to there size and being hybrids they would be resistant to disease.

Why would you want to grow Tomatoes in pots or containers? Well first of all why would you want to grow Tomatoes in pots is because you are a lover of home grown fresh Tomatoes and you don't have the room to plant them outside in the ground. So if you want fresh Tomatoes and not the ones from the big box grocery stores that have been sitting for days or even weeks and are tasteless. So it will take time to start your own Tomatoes plants but doing this will be rewarding to know you have started your own Tomato transplants for your pots or containers. Growing Tomatoes in pots or containers are good for homeowners who live in the inner city or apartment dwellers, senior citizens this idea is very good for elderly people that want fresh home grown Tomatoes but can't grow a traditional garden. So if you follow the above few steps you will be able to grow some very healthy plants in pots or containers and the final reward is fresh Tomatoes. I hope this helps you in growing Tomatoes in pots or containers and I hope you would let me know if you try this with your own Tomatoes.

Happy Gardening

Gardener Den

© 2009 Dennis Hoyman


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    • Outbound Dan profile image

      Dan Human 

      4 years ago from Niagara Falls, NY

      Great advice here Gardener Den - I plan on trying to grow a few tomatoes in pots this year. I've heard rumors about price increases in produce, so I'll see what I can do about becoming a little more self-sufficient.


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I typically plant several dozen tomatoes a year and have great success using pots from 30 gal down to 3 gal. I have tried several years in a row to grow the upside down tomatoes and they have been a dismal failure. They run for the light and break off easilly. I have switched to tumbling tom and mastakota

    • profile image

      tomato seeds 

      8 years ago

      Thanks for all of your great info! This was a very informative blog post and I appreciate you coming up with such detailed steps for growing tomatoes. Quick question for anyone who might know: Have you ever tried growing tomatoes upside down? I've seen the commercials and I am intrigued. Please let me know what you think of that method if you have given it a try!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Cherry tomatoes aren't necessarily a small plant.

      For a *small* tomato (other than Tiny Tim) you should probably go for 5 gallon buckets. Go larger (say 10-20 gallon) for a larger indeterminate tomato.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      The tumbling plants will by themselves fall down like they are designed too, thus the hanging basket produces and plant full of tomatoes hanging about 3 feet down


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