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How to grow your own garlic

Updated on August 21, 2010

Growing garlic in your garden is easy!

Most people don't realize that you can plant garlic that you buy at your grocery store or local market can be planted in the garden so you can grow your own. There are a few different types of garlic, so experiment and try planting a few of them and find what works best in your climate with your soil. I also recommend only using organic fertilizer if you have to use fertilizer at all.

Let's get planting

The best time to plant garlic is in the fall. Just take a bulb and carefully break the bulbs off. Do not damage the cloves, as you want to plant them intact. You can even leave the skin on if it doesn't come off when you pull the cloves apart.

Plant the cloves with the point end facing up. There should be about 3 inches of soil from the tip of the garlic clove to the surface. Also leave some space between each clove.

When can I dig up my garlic?

If you plant in the fall you can dig up your garlic the following summer or fall after the leaves start to turn brown. Your garlic clove should now be a full garlic bulb that is ready to eat!


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