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How to grow the Herb Rosemary from seed and cutting?

Updated on March 16, 2015

Pictures of the Herb Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinal).

Picture of the Herb Rosemary and its foliage.You could trim this plant back and take the cutting and use them in you culinary cooking
Picture of the Herb Rosemary and its foliage.You could trim this plant back and take the cutting and use them in you culinary cooking | Source
Picture of Flowering Rosemary.
Picture of Flowering Rosemary. | Source
Picture of Rosemary foliage.
Picture of Rosemary foliage. | Source

Cooking with Rosemary.

What meat dish do you add the herb Rosemary to?

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I give Rosemary 5 stars.

5 stars for do you love cooking with Rosemary

How to grow Rosemary from seed and cutting ?

Hi Gardening Friends

Common Name: Rosemary

Botancial Name: Rosemary ( Rosmarinus officinalis )

Days to Germination: 14-21 Days

Sowing Seeds Time: Spring

Seeding Method: Transplant Light

Light preferences: Sun

Plant High: 18-60 inches

Hardiness Zones: Zones 6-10

Here is how to grow the herb Rosemary from seed?

First of all as always you need to buy quality seed from well known Seed Companies. Here are some Seed Companies that you can buy seed from.

1. Stokes Seeds Inc.

Box 548

Buffalo,NY 14240-0548

web address

email address

You can order the herb Rosemary from this seed company.

2. Parks Seed Company

1 Parkton Ave.

Greenwood, S.C. 29647

Toll Free 1-800-213-0076

Web Address:

3. W Atlee Burpee Seed Company

300 Park Avenue

Warminister,Pa 18974

Toll Free: 1-800-888-1447

Web Address:

Also if you want to buy a small amount of seeds from Burpee seeds you can get them at Walmart Super Center. I don't recommend that you buy plants from Walmart Super Center. But if you want quality seed and save on shipping and a small amount buy from the Burpee Seed rack at Walmart Super Center in your area or if you can get the seeds from your local Garden Center that haves a Burpee Seed rack or a company that carry seeds that are equal in quality as Burpee Seeds are. So then buy from that company's seed rack any kind of Rosemary Seeds that you want to grow and follow the instructions on the back of the seed packet.

Now here is how you grow the herb Rosemary from seed.

Now here is how you grow the herb Rosemary from seed. First as always you need to start with clean propagating flats that are sterilized. And also you need to have a good germination mixture that is sterilized and for starting seeds. What is germination mixture? Germination mixture is soil that is for starting seeds or propagating different types of Rosemary from cutting. This germination mixture is just for starting and propagating seeds and cutting of any kind of plant material. Take your clean seed flat and fill it half full of germinating mixture and soak it and let it drain. Then take your seed packet of rosemary and start to sow the seed. You can do this in a solid seed flat or you can start them in a clean plug tray or flat and you fill it with germinating mixture and soak the flat and let drain. Now you take your seed and broadcast the seed over the entire flat. Don't cover the seeds in the flat let them uncovered. After you are done sowing the seeds you can mist the flat and put it on the greenhouse bench or under a grow light and on a propagating mat. If you don't have a greenhouse you can take and start them on a propagating mat in your house or home under a Gro light about a 1 inch or 2 inches from the gro light until they germinate. Then you can keep the light on the plants so that they don't get leggy and spindly you want your seeds to be short and stocky. You don't want to transplant your seedling outside until all dangers of frost have past when the temperature stays about 45 degrees at night. After that you can transplant them out in larger containers or in the ground in your garden. Make sure you water the plants thoroughly after planting in containers or the garden.

Steps on starting cutting of many different kinds of the Herb Rosemary from cuttings. and using a clean sterilizing propagating flat or clean container with good drainage holes in the bottom of the containers.Then fill the containers or flats half full of the germinating mixture and make sure you mist the mixture thoroughly and let the flat or containers drains well before you used the flats for sticking the rosemary cuttings in. The cuttings should be taken off of the new growth of mature grown Rosemary that you should grow for cutting. You should take the cutting of Rosemary off the ends of new growth. The cuttings that are taken from the mother plant are about 4 inches long. Cut the cutting on a 45 degree angel.The next step that should be done is to strip the lower leaves from the cutting about a 1/3 of the bottom of the cutting. then place the cutting into the mixture the part you taken the leaves off goes in the germination soil. After you do all of your cutting sticking them in the mixture then take your cutting flat which is full and mist it thoroughly. And set it on the propagating bench and in about two to three weeks they should be rooted for the next step is to transplant them into pots and thoroughly water them and set them on the greenhouse bench. It should take 4 to 6 weeks for the rosemary cutting to root. Starting rosemary from cutting is a lot faster than starting from seed you have a sizable plant faster than you do from seed and you can sale them sooner or use the plant in culinary cooking or dishes when need be. So try growing rosemary from stock plant cutting and see how you do at growing them instead of from seed.

Different types of Rosemary started from seeds and cutting.

Rosemary (R. officinalis) 85 days from seeds Rosemary is a Tender Perennial. Is the most common of Rosemary which is a bushy 2 ft/61 cm plant. Use the needles-like tips sparingly to flavor meats and sauces. It usually takes about 14 to 21 days from seed to germinate rosemary from seed. You can also take cutting from mature plants and they should be rooted in 6 to 8 weeks. This Rosemary is one of the less hardy of the common Rosemary but it grows faster than most. And advantage to this Rosemary is that propagation is by seed or cutting.

Primed Rosemary Seeds: Quick, reliable germination.

Primed Rosemary seed germinates faster and more uniformly than raw seeds, meaning less wasted space in the seed flat. Germination rates are as high as 90% in our tests, compared to as regular raw seed 30-50%. for the best germination results, plant primed seeds within six months of time to set out the plants. Or if you want to sell them six months to have plants ready for sell.

Rosemary varieties that you grow from cutting.

The below varieties of Rosemary are all grow by cuttings. If you have these varieties and want to propagate them by cutting just follow the above directions on how to start Rosemary by cutting.

Benenden Blue (R. officinalis Benenden Blue)
This Rosemary has medium blue flowers and narrow leaves.

Lockwood (R.officinalis Lockwood)
This Rosemary has a trailing,prostrate habit and bright blue flowers.

Hill Hardy (R. officinalis Hill Hardy)
This Rosemary is a superior Rosemary hardy to 0 degrees F (-18C)
The leaves are a dark green with a pine-like fragrance. Propagate by cutting.

Arp (R.officinalis Arp) The Rosemary Arp was discovered on a trip to Texas in the early 1970's by Madeline Hill.The plant was in bloom on January 18 with the temperature at 18 degrees F (-8 degrees C). This is a excellent variety to offer your customers if you are in business of growing plants. Propagate by cutting.

Ingram Rosemary( R.officinalis var Ingram ) This Rosemary has lovely bright blue flowers,is a strong grower, and posseses intense Rosemary flavor. It is grow from cutting.

Prostrate Rosemary (R. officinalis Prostratus)
This Rosemary is called Romero ( the pilgrim 's flower) in Spain. This Rosemary is used in the same way as the more upright ones, but it grows as a trailing or hanging plant, at its best grown over the side of a terrace or low wall. Propagate by cuttings.

Cooking with Rosemary. Recipes and Dishes that you can make with the herb Rosemary. What dishes can be made with the herb Rosemary. First you can use Rosemary with these different meats when cooking them. Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken and Fish all can be cooked with the herb Rosemary in these recipes. And using the herb Rosemary in these culinary dishes.

I hope you try this herb and have success in growing Rosemary from seed or propagating from cutting. Also after you grow the herb you can used it in culinary dishes that you like to make.

Happy Gardening !

Gardener Den


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    • awsydney profile image

      awsydney 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Great info. We usually get the small plant for sale here in Australia and try to grow it into bigger plants. Thanks for sharing Den, so much to read!

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 8 years ago from NW Indiana

      You might want to correct the Greek oregano in the directions... it appears you are meaning rosemary but wrote greek....typo but somewhat confusing..also ... you say to fill the flat half full of germinating???? what is germinating?

    • profile image

      Gardening Angel 9 years ago from Southwestern Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh


      Rosemary is my favorite herb. I use quite alot of it in food and for skin health. Keep up the great work. You really love what you do and it shows.

      Gardening Angel