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What are Bahama shutters?

Updated on December 4, 2014

Bahama shutters exterior

These shutters come in many different colors and styles
These shutters come in many different colors and styles | Source

Bahama shutters

What are bahama shutters, well they are exterior shutters mostly used on homes where there are risk of hurricane type winds. They are also used for shade from the sun, and in some cases customized to give a great look for you home. This is a must have if you stay in states such as Florida, Louisiana, and Alabama.

How to install shutters

What are shutters?

As stated beforebahama shutters are used as a form of protection from high winds and storms. They keep debris from flying into your windows during bad storms. Before you begin to install these exterior shutters you will want obtain permits, as well as a basic knowledge of your local codes.

First things first you will want to take measurements of each of the windows that you be installing the bahama shutters on. Take a tape measure and measure the height and width of each window. You need to be as accurate as possible when taking you measure as if you take a bad measurement the exterior shutters will not fit.

Next you will want to make marks at the center points along the windows. You will need to drill holes at each mark that you made, and at each of the four corners of the window. Make sure that you make the hole big enough for the sized bolts that you are using.

Put your bahama shutters up to the window, make sure that they fit as tight as possible. Now install your bolts, tighten down, and make sure that they are completely secure so that they will not move. Remember that you are preparing for 125 plus mph winds. Paint to color.

Bahama shutters prices

The purchase price for these shutters varies depending on the style and color that you would decide to go with. While most I hope would go with the most secure type as possible, there are some that bring a great look to your home. The price range usually starts at somewhere around $40 and can go up to $400. Just remember the reason that you are getting these is because osfsafety and security.

Get the picture

colonial shutters
colonial shutters | Source
hurricane screens
hurricane screens | Source
rolling shutters
rolling shutters | Source

Outdoor shutters

Of course besides bahama shutters there are some other types of shutters that provide great protection not only from storms but also looting and riots.

Accordion Shutters

The great things about these shutters is the fact that you can operate these shutters either from inside or outside of the home. They are tested to withstand strong storms as well as tornadoes. They work on a track system which gives it a slide together operation for quick preparation time.

Colonial Shutters

These shutters provide great storm protection, while also giving your home a great look as well. It is very easy to install and they even provide a medium grade sound control. They also give you great privacy and light control while they are closed.

Hurricane Screens

These screens are a less expensive option than most of the other shutter options. The price point for hurricane screens are less than the price for plywood. They have been tested to withstand wind speeds up to 250 mph.

Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters are one popular options to consider because of the fact that they can be rolled down electronically or simply pulled down. They give you privacy, light control, anf even insulation.


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