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How to keep Cool this Summer for Cheap

Updated on July 25, 2015


Keeping cool in summer is a must for some as many of us simply can’t function properly when we are too hot in the summer months.

I for one have always enjoyed the cooler months and although I do love summer, with its festivals, barbeques, wild swimming, homegrown veg and other outdoor activities I do suffer because of the heat. I live in the UK so over here we don’t experience much heat and heat waves! As much as we look forwards to them the majority of us suffer from overheating because we are simply not adapted to the heat, The climate here is humid and it is very hard for our bodies to sweat and cool down.

With that being said, I have been to many hotter countries and experienced heat far greater than we will ever experience here in the UK and know many others who have, yet still we need ways of cooling ourselves down too.

Here is my top twenty ways of keeping cool

Here are my top twenty ways of keeping cool for cheap in the summer months that can be used in which ever country you reside in!

  • Number one

If you have one, try sleeping on an air/water bed.

I have had many waterbeds and airbeds in my life for camping trips and I have always enjoyed them for both comfort and coolness within the summer months too.

If you do not own an air/water bed then this won’t be free for you to try out and I wouldn’t go purchasing one just to try out neither as they aren’t comfy for all people. I have many friends who have woken with back pains due to the hammock effect that water and air beds have when they are used. This is where the middle of the bed concaves inwards to the shape of the load on top of the bed.

Water and air beds help keep you cool as they keep you elevated off of a mattress that is designed to keep heat in. Water beds however do work better than air beds, this is due to water conducting and absorbing body heat far faster than air, keeping you cool during the night.

  • Number two

If you are expected to have a very warm day and the room that you want to keep cool is sun facing then hold the urge to open your windows and curtains and keep both of them closed during the daytime. This will help keep warmer air out and keep the air within the room cooler and out of direct sunlight. This technique is used throughout the world in hot countries to keep bedrooms cooler to be able to sleep more sound at night!

  • Number three

This may be highly obvious, but remove any dense and heavy bed sheets. Change them to lighter and airier silk or cotton sheets during the summer months and keep your duvet at the bottom of the bed so you can easily access them during the colder parts of the night.

  • Number Four

Place any bed sheets in the coolest area of your house once you have woken up to air the sheets out and allow them to come in contact with cooler air throughout the day by hanging them up. Reapply the bed sheets before you go to bed and this will be highly effective in keeping you cooler during the night.

  • Number Five

Take one of your pillows, or two depending on the size of your bed and place them within a carrier bag, placing them inside the freezer for an hour or two before you plan to go to bed, placing them back on your bed ten to fifteen minutes before you head to bed. The carrier bags will stop any ice crystals from forming upon the pillow casing!

  • Number Six

Wear a bandana that is dampened with water on your head during the day or at night to keep your temperature down. I do this on a daily basis within the summer months and it is always effective.

If you start to get a headache because of the cold on your head then I would advise you to stop using this method or use slightly warmer water. It will work with lukewarm water as you will cool down as the water on the bandana cools.

  • Number Seven

Get an empty spray bottle from the kitchen or bathroom and thoroughly clean it out, filling it with cold water and putting a few ice cubes within the bottle too! Simply spray the water on your face, chest and the back of your neck to cool your temperature down! This is used in sports to help cool athletes and other competitive people down!

  • Number Eight

If you have the ability to, simply go for a swim. There is a lot of places where you can go swimming during the summer months for free such as the sea, lakes, and rivers and in some places free outdoor swimming pools.

  • Number Nine

One of the quickest ways of cooling down the body is via the feet. This is why in winter months we are able to keep warm by wearing thicker winter socks and boots and it works both ways.

To do this, you can simply fill up a washing up bowl or bucket with cool water and sit down with your feet in it for as long as it takes to take effect or if you are up and about you can, if you can put up with it (it’s not one for myself) soak your socks with cold water and simply carry on with your day as you usually would go about it.

  • Number Ten

One simple thing that people often forget is to simply keep hydrated! Drink more water but keep away from too much ice water as this will cool down your core temperature and your body will in return try to heat up your body! Drinking tea on the other hand is a great way to keep your body temperature cooler. Alternatively and even better, try adding mint, orange, lemon or cucumber slices to your water makes it more refreshing.

  • Number Eleven

One of the main areas of temperature control on our bodies is at the back of our necks. To use and manipulate this to keep us cool we can wear any caps that we own backwards or wear high collared shirts to keep this area within shade. Alternatively splash this area with cool water, or use a spray bottle as mentioned above.

  • Number Twelve

Try not to do any workouts, heavy exercise or anything that involves using a lot of your muscles before bed.

  • Number Thirteen

Don’t drink highly caffeinated drinks such as coffee and high caffeinated tea. If you can, stick to drinking water, low sugar squash and fruit or mint tea.

  • Number Fourteen

Eat smaller meals and eat more often to stop metabolic heat created by your body when it is digesting your food. This is highly effective and used throughout the world and by many different cultures within hotter climates. I often shift my diet and eating times during the summer months and if I do abroad on holiday to any hotter countries and have always reaped the benefits.

  • Number Fifteen

On the same topic of eating, as well as consuming smaller meals. Try eating meals with added spice, if you can handle hot food!

Believe it or not, spicy food actually helps us to cool down due to the hot food stimulating the heat receptors in our mouths which enhances circulation and causes sweating.

This is why a lot of people can be seen sweating and overheating, sometimes going red faced during the consumption of curries and chilies.

For me, any excuse to eat hot food is a good excuse, so if this is for you and you have the food in, reap some added free benefits!

  • Number Sixteen

Wear lighter clothes that are made of natural materials as synthetic materials will hold in any body heat. Lighter colored clothing will also help keep you cool during the summer months due to the fabrics color reflecting the heat away from your body!

  • Number Seventeen

If you wear makeup whatever your genre, try not to wear makeup on your face during summer months such as concealer, foundation and moisturizer as this will keep your skin temperature hotter than if you were to not wear makeup at all!

  • Number Eighteen

If you have any excess flannels within the bathroom or materials that you can afford to rip into segments. Moisten them under the dap and place them in the freezer, taking them out the next day and taking them out on your day trip, in the garden or to work with you in a waterproof carrier bag to place on your forehead or neck when you or your family gets too hot during the day.

This may not be the most fashionable looking thing to do but you won’t care what they think when your cooling down and they’re sweating in the unbarring heat!

  • Number Nineteen

Instead of wearing shorts and t-shirts try covering your skin up if the humidity is low. All across the world in different countries, many different cultures wear clothing that covers them head to toe in the hottest hours of the day to keep themselves cool.

This will only work if the clothing is made of natural and light materials, This happens by creating cool air between you and the sun between the shade from the fabric.

  • Number Twenty

Warm air always rises so try to stay on the ground floor when able to and stick to the most shaded rooms. You can add to this method by keeping the curtains closed as mentioned before!

Because i always like to give more than i offer, here are two more ways of keeping cool for cheap

  • Number Twenty One

Stay cool by slowing down your movement and keeping any high activity to hours that are suitable and out of peak times of high temperature between 9am and 5pm.

  • Number Twenty Two

At night open two or more windows and leave any doors from these rooms open to allow a draft tunnel through the house. This works as the air flow travels from window to window and cools down the heated air within the house!

Extra Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks

  • Don’t wear socks and shoes when able to
  • Don’t park your car in the garage after a drive
  • If comfortable enough, lay on the floor of your living room
  • If you have blinds, angle them upwards away from the sky, this won’t allow sunlight into your home
  • Tie your hair up and avoid wearing heavy hats or material that will cover your neck and make it warmer.
  • Make excessive ice cubes and freeze full bottles of water, these can be carried to work to allow you to have ice cold water at break and also keep your sandwiches cool!
  • Read a book and turn off the TV, TV’s produce a lot of heat
  • Try not cooking meals and stick to salads and sandwiches in order to not use gas that will heat the house!
  • If you have any leftover coal from previous years or have any wood laying around, try cooking outdoors. This will both be fun for you and the kids but will keep all heat produced cooking hot meals to the outside!
  • Sleep naked instead of wearing pajamas
  • Have a lukewarm shower, avoiding cold showers.
  • Reduce the time that your boiler boils water during the day. This can help save money and stop it from heating the house unnecessary!
  • Keep yourself cool by wetting your wrists!

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