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How to keep mosquitoes away from your yard

Updated on July 5, 2017

Mosquitoes torment us all summer, and in warm places, their presence will likely be detected all winter. Despite their annoying presence, there are simple and natural remedies to resort to in order to keep them away. In this simple to follow guide, I will explain some of these remedies ... Give them a try!

Mosquitoes, besides being considerable annoying in the summer evenings, are often vectors of diseases. They are blood-sucking insects that sting humans and animals to obtain fluid. They tend to proliferate primarily in swampy and humid areas, which are among the main factors contributing to the spread of potentially fatal diseases like malaria. That’s mostly why, although the risks are limited in the U.S.A., it is better to keep them away.

Mosquitoes can not stand strong smells. The smell of lemon, vinegar, lavender, citronella or geranium send them away. Take a small container, pour some water in it, then dilute some vinegar, or essence of lavender, or citronella in the water.

Open the window and place the container on the windowsill. It should not be positioned towards the inside, because otherwise the smell will spread into the room and could be annoying (especially if you use the vinegar).

Alternatively, you can also use a slice of lemon or a geranium plant.

You should also carefully examine the area around the house for the presence of stagnant water and remove it. Mosquitoes use the water to reproduce and eliminating stagnant water is the most effective solution to reduce the number of mosquitoes in the area. Remove also rainwater from the bottom of vases.

Another important step to take in order to diminish considerably the mosquitoes population, is to avoid over watering the garden.


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