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How to Lay out a Studio Apartment

Updated on June 10, 2019
How to lay out a studio apartment
How to lay out a studio apartment | Source

Most of us know very well just how difficult it can be to lay out the only room you spend the majority of your time in. We are talking, of course, about a studio apartment. There are a lot of things to take into consideration in this case. Starting with the space you have to work with, the way you want to use this space, and, last but not least, the money that you are willing to spend for this process. You must not forget that the type of studio apartment that you have can sometimes decide the course of your efforts to decorate it. For example, a studio-type one will always be a little bit bigger than a classic, one-bedroom one. However, you must also take into account the multiple uses that a studio can have: living room, bedroom, and sometimes, open space kitchen. With this being said, it’s now time to think about some of the best decisions that you can take when laying out your studio apartment.

How a studio apartment kitchen can look like
How a studio apartment kitchen can look like | Source

First and foremost, what is the most important element that any home needs to have, regardless of its size? The bed, of course! You will definitely have to start your entire process from the bed because, most of the times, it’s the biggest piece of furniture that one has and represents the central piece of any house and of all the other decorative items too. Ideally, you might want to place the bed as far from the entrance door as possible so that you can create that feeling of intimacy. For example, if you happen to have a more secluded place in your studio apartment, try to place the bed there if it fits. When it comes to the size of your bed, you will have to establish right from the start how many people are going to be living in the studio. This way, you will not have to keep changing the bed and its position each time someone new moves in.

The next step would be to place the remaining furniture items according to their size and importance for you. For example, if you know for certain that you will be spending a lot of time at your desk working on your computer, find a place for this one next. For some people, a sofa or an armchair might represent the second most important item in the studio. A very good advice might be to always establish whether or not you will ever use certain pieces of furniture. Is a small table better than a desk? An armchair better than a sofa? Is a laptop more useful than a TV? Those are all questions that you will have to answer when you are laying out your studio apartment.

Laying out a studio apartment can be a challenge
Laying out a studio apartment can be a challenge | Source

When it comes to the kitchen space, it might be a very small one. A studio apartment that can offer you the luxury of an open space kitchen is preferable, especially if you are not the type to cook at home. However, a classic one-bedroom apartment will almost always come with a small kitchen. In this case, you can employ the use of various small tables on wheels which an offer you a little bit more depositing space. Also, a nice idea would be to focus on depositing items on suspended shelves and cabinets and therefore, to decrease your need for more ground-level space.

Finally, it’s extremely important to keep your number of decorative items to a minimum so that they don’t take up a lot of space. Focus only on those few elements that you are emotionally attached to or on those that you can also use like a flower vase or a jewelry box.

All in all, one thing remains certain: any studio apartment, regardless of the way in which you choose to lay it out, must speak of the one who lives there. Any home needs a story because, without one, it inevitably becomes cold and unwelcoming. So, try to create some much-needed warmth through the decorative items in your studio and soon, your nest will become one of the most welcoming places on Earth.

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