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How to make a compost bin for Indoor Worm Composting with Red Wigglers (Eisenia Foetida)

Updated on April 24, 2017
Indoor Composting with the family
Indoor Composting with the family

Indoor worm composting can be a real treat especially for those who are really into recycling and composting. And since it also provides both convenience and accessibility for those who have space constraints, indoor compost bin plans have made composting a more fulfilling venture.

You may read further below to find out more about the easy creation (how to build a compost bin) and uses of an indoor worm compost bin.

How to create your own indoor worm composter

While others may opt for the off the rack type of composter, others may find more pleasure in building a compost bin of their own. Basically, you can start with just a few supplies (some of these you can buy or recycle from your home).

There’s a really good use for the following materials: an old plastic container or a recycled trash bin with lid (preferably something that has a dark shaded exterior already), and a drill.

The need for drilled holes on the worm bin

An indoor homemade compost bin will need to be drilled with holes. Make sure that you only use the ¼” or 1/16” drill bit so that the holes that you puncture will not allow for pest entry (particularly applicable for flying or crawling insects). You will need to drill evenly spaced holes (not more than 3” apart from each other) near the top surface (for the ventilation holes) and bin base (for the drainage holes).

Now, the holes underneath the bin will serve as a drain for when excess water starts to accumulate inside the composter. You must drill these holes so that odor build-up and other potential bin problems can be avoided (such as worms drowning or the contents of the bin getting spoiled).

Compost Bin location
Compost Bin location | Source

Location is key to a successful indoor vermicomposting project

Indoor compost bins can range from a kitchen compost bin to a can of worms. And all of these can be simply arranged inside your home without having it in your way. You may put this by the pantry, kitchen area, under the kitchen sink, basement, or garage. Keeping a worm compost bin can still be possible despite being backyard-less. And if you’ve noticed, these following areas are within room temperature.

So if you’re looking for a nice spot to put your worm bin, make sure that the temperature’s ideal (a place that is not too hot nor too cold or your worms will die).

Your worm bin masterpiece!

As soon as you’re done creating you worm compost bin design, you may now start putting in your usual worm bedding materials (can be pre-soaked newspaper shreds or strips or even some dry/dead leaves), kitchen scraps or garden wastes, and your red wiggler worms. You will need all of these organic goods to help complete your worm compost bin set-up.

Making a compost bin for your worms can be quite an easy task. But always make sure that you follow the previous steps mentioned; and you will be able to finish something that works to your advantage.


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      6 years ago

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      6 years ago

      Nice and informative hub.Thanks for posting


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