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How to make your own garden in a city

Updated on January 27, 2015

So many of you might wonder how you can invest in agriculture in a place full of vehicles, people, buildings, and very limited space. To clear your doubt, all you have to do is to have a couple of sacks (a dozen will do), chicken and rabbit manure (they normally have highly rich nutrients), sawdust (very fine sawdust), seedlings of kales, spinach, lettuce, and a small space at your backyard. If you live in closely knit apartments, you can have a three meter space at your kitchen balcony.

“Where can I get all these things?” you may ask. Sacks are available in general shops, seedlings in green houses, and manures in firms.

Below are the simple steps that will convert your home into an urban firm:

  1. Pierce 2 cm holes in the sacks, 4.5- 5cm apart. This is to avoid congestion of the seedlings.
  2. Mix the sawdust with chicken and rabbit manure.
  3. Fill the sacks with the sawdust that is already enriched with manure. Don’t seal the sack on its top opening. That’s where you will be pouring water using a watering can. You can also grow a few seedlings at the top opening.
  4. Dig holes in every sack hole, and put the seedlings in. Ensure that the roots are well covered with the sawdust.
  5. Make the sacks to stand upright. Ensure that the sacks are at least 30 cm away from each other, to ensure that the seedling get a space to grow.
  6. Remember to be watering the seedlings every morning and evening.


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    • mactavers profile image

      mactavers 2 years ago

      Very creative suggestion.