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How to Organize Your Small Stuffs and Refrain from Hoarding

Updated on November 12, 2013
Did you know that according to psychologists, our room reflects our state of mind? Look at your room. Are you in a state of chaos or state of harmony?
Did you know that according to psychologists, our room reflects our state of mind? Look at your room. Are you in a state of chaos or state of harmony? | Source


Do you feel depressed about the clutter at your home? Do you have things that you still keep but of no use? Do you want to have your stuff in order but do not know where to start? Are all your answers yes? Well, this article can help you. We start one step at a time by starting organizing your small stuffs in your room. In this article I will show you that organizing your small stuffs is fun like you have never imagined before!


1. Set a time for this task.

Schedule ahead of time. You can do this before you go to work or school. You will be needing 10 to 20 minutes only to organize your stuffs. Not that much time for you not to add it on your to-do list so go and reserve a time for organizing. You will never regret it.

2. Name each container.

You can classify your boxes as:

  • things for everyday use
  • things you rarely use.
  • things with sentimental value that you just want to keep.

3. Classify your small stuffs.

One by one pick each thing and put it in the container base on it's classification.

For example, I pick a bottle of vitamins which i always use, so i will put it on the "things for everyday use" container.

Put all unnecessary things on the trash can. If you no longer need it, throw it. For example are receipts that are of no longer use and old unusable containers.

Can you answer these correctly?

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4. Play music while organizing.Get ready to play your favorite music using your mobile, player, or any gadgets that you have at home. This will make your decluttering fun ! It would be nice if you play an up-beat song to energize you on this task.

5. Place each container in the proper place.

After all stuffs are classified and organized, find a place where you can put the boxes. Put the box of things you always use over your dresser or table. Store the container of things you just want to keep under your bed.

6. Spray an air freshener.

This is optional but whenever I am done cleaning I am spraying an air freshener on my room. Feels like i have accomplished organizing when my room smells fresh and clean. Try it too!

7. Maintain the order in your room.

Refrain on throwing your stuffs all over your room again to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your room.

Checklist table of things I found during and after the cleaning and organizing process

Things i found
Where i found
1. Eyeshadow of green and blue shades
in betweeen stack of receipts
2. headset ear plug
inside the box of make-up
This step is optional. this is just for fun. It will also serve as reminder where you might see again some of your things that you thought you lost but you found because of organizing your stuffs.

Be inspired with this Most Organized Home

Finish! Try it too and you will have a good time organizing your stuff! Good luck :>

See before and after photos below.


Which step did you have fun the most?

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    • Maricarmjolo profile image

      Maricar M. Jolo 4 years ago from Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

      Thanks! I appreciate it!

    • Mohammedbasheer profile image

      Mohammedbasheer 4 years ago from Manama, Bahrain

      Great ideas