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Fractional/shared ownership of holiday and vacation homes. How to buy and own a best house or a villa for vacation?

Updated on April 6, 2012
Villa in Thailand
Villa in Thailand

If you are dreaming to own a holiday home in Thailand or Portugal or Spain without the headache of expensive upkeep, fractional ownership is the best way. May be you don't like to spent all your holidays just in Spain but like spend some time in Thailand or Italy and own a home there, it is also possible via fractional ownership.

Fractional ownership means, you own a share of a single property, in some cases, a whole portfolio of properties, which you are then entitled to enjoy. You will get fully staffed and equipped villas in Thailand or Morocco, or residences in city centers that serve as an alternative to hotels.

For example, Rocksure's Alpha Fund gives you access to six properties around the world in a year and you don't need to worry about the maintenance of any of them. Most of these fractional-ownership properties come with all the services one would expect of a five-star hotel—often fully staffed, with a cleaner, cook and concierge services. Each shareholder can enjoy one guaranteed two-week block a year, and one one-week block, with the remaining weeks up for grab between each villa's shareholders, at a cost of €390 a week.

Most of these vacation-home plans work by raising capital from investors in order to buy houses for the fund. In some plans, (eg. Rocksure), each fund has a predetermined life and the properties will be sold off from between 7 - 10 years, and the proceeds repatriated among investors. While in other funds (eg. Hideaways Club) there is no life span and is passed to the next generation. So this is also a strategy to do financial investment in real estate for your children and grandchildren. If you like to exit the plan in between, it is also possible via a "one-in-one-out" arrangement.

So why waiting? Check out some of these fractional ownership funds and enjoy your vacation in a luxurious villa.


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