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How to remove hard water stains from the cookwares ,showers basins and tubs

Updated on August 8, 2014

Everyone loves to have a stain free wash room.

A high concentration of Calcium and magnesium , in the water can cause white lime scales on surfaces to whch the water contracts

Hard Water Stain could be easily Removed:--
Stains caused by hard water are generally next to impossible to remove with ordinary cleaners ,but they are amazingly eradicated with a very simple home treatment.Soaps and detergent are worthless against lime scale, but a simple kitchen product can dissolve those stubborn deposits without any scrubbing at all. Below are some simple tips for removing the most common hard water stain . the use of vinegar is most handy product to remove the hard water stains but in case you don’t have vinegar at hand lemon juice could be used instead it will also work..
tap and Shower heads in the bathroom and kitchen fall pray to hard water ,the best way is to remove the shower head and the tap

. In a large container submerge the shower head or the tap,boil equal part white vinegar and water to a boil. Place them into the pot and let it boil for 20 minutes Soak the shower head in the mixture of water and vinegar for a few hours.use an old toothbrush to scrub away the hard water accumulation then wash it with plain water and replace them.

For removing the hard water strains from sinks we can use a cloth soaked in the vinegar solution to dissolve any hard water stains. If there are stubborn stains they could be scrubbed with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda together ,add enough vinegar to make a paste, and apply on the required place such as Sinks, Bath Tubs and Toilet Bowls taps etc
Fill the sink with water. add one cup of vinegar. for sinks tubs and toilets,leave it soaked over night
Drain and rinse the next day we will see that the objects have become stain free ,but sometimes the stains are very stubborn ,in such cases make a paste from baking soda and white vinegar and scrub. until they go.sometimes these strains build strong bonds with the object on which they are and then it truly becomes impossible task to remove these strains ,they even damage the metal on which they lie ,so we must keep a regular eye to such stains otherwise they won't go at all ,there is one more option and that is we must get a sand paper from the painters shops number 12 and rub the stains with it ,then it may go away to some extent

Cookware, Glasses and Tea Pots too sometimes have those hard water stains if nitric acid is available then you may be able to remove these stain properly just soak these stained stuff into the acid and the next morning rub it well with a scorch brite(a wired cloth to clean the utensils)
a solution of equal parts vinegar and water can also remove the lime scales . Glasses and bowls only need quarter an hour of soaking where as cookware like pots and pans require little longer time,if the stain does not go heat up the solution on the flame and then try removing the stain


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      Sarika Mehra 7 years ago

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