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Tips to remove sticky marks

Updated on February 22, 2010

In this lens i am going to give you several methods for removing sticky marks from furniture, metal and glass.

If, like me you get yourself into a sticky mess when attempting to remove the sticky stuff that gets left behind when you remove a sticky label, sticky tape etc from the surface that it is stuck to and end up with a sticky situation both on your hands and a grubby sticky mess still on the thing that you wanted to de-sticky-fy, then say a sticky bye-bye to those kind of sticky situations by reading this sticky removal tips lens. I have scoured the internet for you sticky's so that whatever it is that the sticky-stuff is stuck to you will know how to de-sticky-fy it..

To remove the sticky stuff which has been left behind after peeling off a sticky label from glass and plastic items simply spray the sticky stuff mark liberally with ordinary household furniture polish. Leave the polish to attack the sticky stuff mark for one minute and then using a clean soft cloth simply wipe away the polish and hey presto the sticky stuff mark wipes away with it without the need to scrub and risking scratching your glass and plastic.

This tip will work on glass, plastic, polished wood, veneers, leather and a few other surfaces which has sticky stuff left by sticky labels on them.

Simply rub an everyday eraser gently over the sticky stuff mark until it has vanished then just wipe away the bits of sticky stuff which you have's as easy as that, no polish, no soap, no water and no abrasive scrubbing which can take off the "shine" on the surface of your material.

And the best thing about using this method for getting rid of sticky stuff marks from your sticky items is the fact that it only cost a fraction of what the specialised treatments cost and it is environmentally friendly.

This method for removing the sticky stuff marks which sticky labels, sticky tape and other pre-gummed tapes and price labels often leave behind once the labels have been removed and can be extremely difficult to remove must always be tested on the surface that's to be treated.

First look for a piece of the surface that is out of sight such as underneath the table-top or seat of a chair etc and using a soft cloth which has been steeped {wet liberally} with nail-polish remover, rub over a small area of the unseen surface and leave for about an hour. After an hour go back to look at the area which has been treated. If there is no apparent change in colouring or texture then proceed onto removing the sticky stuff mark using the same method as you used to test the out of sight surface and without the need to leave it to soak in for an hour just gently rub over the sticky stuff in circular motions for a few minutes until the sticky stuff mark has vanished completely, after this is done you should get a fresh soft cloth and wet it with warm water and repeat the process of wiping the area with it for a minute or two to remove all traces of the nail-polish remover..and there you have it..the stain has vanished.

Peanut Butter

I'm told that a small amount of peanut butter on a soft cloth applied in circular motions over the sticky stuff is an excellent way to remove it from metal and not the crunchy variety! If the marks don't lift off straight away then leave the peanut butter spread over the remainder of the sticky stuff for about an hour and then wipe it off again using circular motions, and this time all of the sticky stuff should come off.

Sticky Stuff items

Amazon have lots of sticky stuff available for you to buy and have delivered directly to your home usually within a week or so and at very competitive prices.

Stubborn Sticky Stuff Mark Removal

Baby Oil or Cooking Oil

Oil, of several types are also one of the best ways to rid your mucky item of sticky stuff marks. Put some oil onto a clean soft dry cloth , any type of oil does the trick just as well as any other, oils such as baby oil, cooking oil and even WD-40 will lift the sticky stuff off of most things quite easily..for more stubborn marks leave the oil to work on the sticky mark for half an hour before wiping of in circular motions, the mark should "lift" easy,

Links leading you to lots more inexpensive methods for removing Sticky stuff marks.

If you want to try using some other method for removing sticky stuff marks from something which i haven't covered in this lens you can visit either of the websites listed here. These sites list loads of additional methods for removing your sticky marks as well as various other stain removal tips which will save you money!

All lensmasters like to receive comments after somebody reads one of their lenses and i'm no exceotion. If you did enjoy reading this lens please tell me and those that think iI can improve on the lens then please write me a comment here and i'l appreciate your honesty, healthy criticism is just as rewarding as praise because If I know what's wrong with a lens then I can work on it but if I don't then I can't.

Thankyou Very Much In Advance Tina

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    • profile image

      VeronicaHaynes 5 years ago

      Awesome! I'm likely to spend hours getting annoying goo off new purchases. I've used googone in the past, which is pretty effective, but never again as the chemicals made me pretty sick. Your tips are great. I will try the baby oil and eraser tricks next time. Thanks so much for the environmentally friendly options!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      This was fantastic! took some elbow grease but a massive sticky label has been removed from my laminate