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How to start and grow Onions from seeds to bulbs.

Updated on March 6, 2015

Pictures taken of Onions growing.

Green Onions growing in Gardener Dens own greenhouse.
Green Onions growing in Gardener Dens own greenhouse. | Source
Green Onions growing in Gardener Dens Greenhouse.
Green Onions growing in Gardener Dens Greenhouse. | Source
Red Onions Bulbs. That Den brought to plant for next season.
Red Onions Bulbs. That Den brought to plant for next season. | Source

Which Onions do you like to grow?

What color of Onions do you like to grow in your garden?

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I love growing Onions!

5 stars for I Love growing Onions!

Instructions on how to grow Onions from seeds and bulbs.

Hi Gardening Friends

This is a hub written by Gardener Den on growing Onions from seed.

Little history of Onions and what they are used for.

History and use of Onions.
Onions were introduced in North America by Christopher Columbus, the onions is one of the most widely consumed vegetables. Its culinary uses are many and it was highly regarded by ancients civilizations as having great healing properties. Onions are a staple in gardens, farmers markets and grocery stores.

Average Seed Count in packets.
Bulbs Onions 450sds/Pkt 7,500 sds/oz

Bunching Onions 700 sds/Pkt 12,500 sds/oz.

How to grow Onions from seeds.

Onions are one of the very best vegetables to grow from seed. Onions are very easy to grow from seed and I am going to teach you how to grow Onions from seeds. Also you should grow Onions from seed because home grown Onions are one of the best ingredients in culinary dishes. In which Onions are a main ingredient in many culinary dishes that you make. Well here is what you need to start growing Onions from seeds. First what you need is a clean sterilized flat and some germinating mix. Make sure you just fill the clean sterilized flat with half full of the germination mix make sure after you put the germination mix in the flat you should soak the flat and let set and drain either for a few hours or over nite. The next step is to get your Onions seed pack out and open it up and start to broadcast the seeds very thinly across the seed flat and after you do that do not cover the seed with soil. Just mist the seed flat lightly but thoroughly and set the flat in on the greenhouse bench or in the house under a Gro light and setting the seed flat on top of a propagating mat. It should take about 10 to 14 days for them to germinate and keep them misted until they germinate. Then let the plants dry out until you water them again. After they get a couple of inches tall you can transplant the seedling into cell packs and grow them that way. After they are big enough in the cell packs it will depend on what type you grow but you can transplant them into the garden or you can grow them into containers. By the end of summer the onions should be ready to pull and dry them for about 7 days in the sun with the tops let on and they should be dry and put in storage for to keep for the up and coming winter months.

Well here are some varieties of Onions that you can grow from seed.

Ailsa Craig Exhibition Giant show quality 2-5 lb globe Kelsae type, golden color skin, firm white flesh, sweet 110 days.

Walla Walla Long day, extra sweet and large,white use fresh, earlier than other Spanish types, 105 days.

Candy F1, Cross of long day x short day, adaptable everywhere , sweet, mild, jumbo bulbs, brown skin, white flesh,small neck, stores well, 95 days.

Retail Seed Companies that you can buy Onion seeds from.

W.Atlee Burpee Seed Company
300 Park Avenue

Warmister, Pennsylvania 18974

Harris Seeds/Garden Trends, Inc.
355 Paul RD. P.O. BOX 24966

Rochester, New York 14624-0966

Phone 1-800-544-7938 Local 585-295-3600 Fax 877-892-9197

Stokes Seeds
P.O. Box 548

Buffalo N.Y. 14240-0548 USA

Toll Free 1-800-396-9238

Fax Toll Free 1-800-272-5560.

Wholesale Seed Company for Horticulture Companies to buy from and grow different varieties to grow.

Ivy Garth Seeds & Plants, Inc.
8422 Mayfield Rd. Chesterland,OH 44026

Phone 800-351-4025 Fax 440-729-7692.

Growing Onions from Onion Sets or bulbs.
First of all you need to go to your local garden center and see if they have Onion Sets The Onion Set come in 3 different kinds first is the yellow onions and then there are red onions bulbs and also there are white onions bulbs or sets. Which you can buy any of these 3 colors of onion sets to plant in your garden. When you buy these kind of onions you can get you soil prepared and you take a hoe and dig out rows and set the bulbs about a inch or a inch and a half about in the rows. Then take the hoe after you set all of the onions sets or bulbs in the ditch and with the hoe start to cover the onion sets very carefully with the garden soil. After you get them all cover you can water the rows of onions or you can wait until it rains. In about a week or a week and a half the onions will start popping through the ground. In about a month or two the bigger onions will be ready to pull out to clean and get ready to eat them like they are or use them in culinary dishes to serve to your friends and family. Everyone will enjoy these home grown onions if you eat them raw or if your using them in culinary cooking. So have fun growing Onions from seeds or from bulbs and then after they grow you can enjoy your hard earn results of fresh home grown Onions.

There are many uses for onions in cooking or culinary dishes. Here are a few examples for dishes. You can use onions in many different dishes to favor all kinds of culinary foods. Here are some dishes that you can use onions in. Either ones that you have grown or brought at your local grocery store or were ever you like to shop for your produce. Well you can use onions in Homemade Potato and Macaroni salad,also when you make bread stuffing for stuffing a chicken or turkey and you could use the bread stuffing to stuff pork chops with onions.When you use onions in theses dishes they should all be peeled and chopped up to be placed in the main ingredients with the other ingredients in the recipes. Now there are many more dishes that take onions you can cut them up and add them to salads like three bean salad or in a tossed salad. Also you can add onions in casseroles and there are many of them to choose from. One of my favorites casseroles is the green bean and mushroom soup recipe with dry onions on top. I like to make home made onion soup out of the onions that I have grown in my garden during the summer season. There are many other soups that you can make that take onions as a ingredient. So you can see that you can use onions in many different kinds of recipes for cooking when you have friends and family over for supper or just a visit.

Now if you do the above following culture information in growing Onions. i believe you will have really great success in growing onions from seeds and bulbs. So I hope you will let me know how you did on growing onions from seeds and bulbs.

Great Gardening Gardener Den

© 2014 Dennis Hoyman


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    • gardener den profile image

      Dennis Hoyman 3 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania

      Hi Yury

      If you can get Onion Bulbs you are best to grow them for green onions for in the summer time. We call them in the states onion sets. Let me know if you can find them? Gardener Den

    • Yury Serkov profile image

      Yury 3 years ago from Russia

      Hi Gardener Den!

      I want to grow green onions in the summer in the open field.

      What better use of varieties of onions?

    • gardener den profile image

      Dennis Hoyman 3 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania

      Hi Yuri This is Gardener Den Thank You for commenting on my Hub on growing Onions. I do have a question and that is what is varashivat green onions? I don't know what varashivat is so I can't comment right now. Explain and I will try to help you. So what is varashivat green onions? Please contact me back! Thank You Gardenerden

    • Yury Serkov profile image

      Yury 3 years ago from Russia

      Hi everyone!

      My name is Yuri, I'm from Russia, grow green onions in the winter in the greenhouse.

      I want to learn varashivat green onions in the summer in the open field, can anyone here teach me this?

    • gardener den profile image

      Dennis Hoyman 3 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania


      Thank you for asking the question. I feel if you buy a onion in the store and its start sprouting in the fridge. I think I would put it in the trash because the onion is already a mature onion or see if you can use any of it. See the onion was already growing in a garden or field from either plants or from seed or onion set or bulb. So when you buy it in the store its already at the biggest it going to grow. I hope I answer your question.Let me know what you think? Gardener Den.

    • profile image

      calculus-geometry 3 years ago

      I have a question that only a gardening expert can answer. If I buy an onion from the store and it starts sprouting greens in my fridge, can I plant it in the garden? I've tried it a couple times without much success but I'm wondering if maybe my technique is wrong, or will such onions just never grow because they've been in the cold too long? Thanks.

    • gardener den profile image

      Dennis Hoyman 3 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania

      Suzanne Day Thank You for voting my onions hub as useful. Also I enjoy your writing. Gardener Den

    • Suzanne Day profile image

      Suzanne Day 3 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

      I didn't know onions were the easiest things to grow from seed! But I do know they are excellent for preventing or assisting with winter coughs and colds. Useful hub and voted "useful"!

    • gardener den profile image

      Dennis Hoyman 4 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania

      Thank You Suzanne for your comments on my hub on growing onions. Hope my information help you?

    • Suzanne Day profile image

      Suzanne Day 4 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

      I think onions are healing for the body and love to eat them with everything! Unfortunately, they can make you fart, but they're great for colds and the immune system. I have attempted growing white onions and spring onions before with partial success. Thank you for your very useful hub and voted "useful"!

    • gardener den profile image

      Dennis Hoyman 4 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania


      You can plant either, but it does take onions from seed longer to mature than it does onions from bulbs or sets. You are ahead with onion bulbs but with seeds you can grow many different kinds of onions that you don't grow or can't grow from bulbs.

    • crazyduck profile image

      crazyduck 4 years ago

      I like to plant my onions from bulbs as I find it is much easier from seeds. I maybe grow about 100 onions every year and they are a mix of white and red usually. Actually, last week I planted this years crop. Do you find that there is a difference between planting from bulbs as opposed to seeds?


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