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How to start plants from seed. Bedding Plants, Vegetables, and Perennials

Updated on March 29, 2009

How to start plants from seed. Bedding Plants,Vegetables, and Perennials

Hi Gardening Friends

This is something new for Gardener Den. These are called Hub Pages.

Well this is my first one so I hope you enjoy what I am going to talk about?

What you do is to sit down and get all your seed company catalogs and look through them and see what kind of seeds you want to order ? After that

you can usually call your seed company and place your order toll free.

You usually get your order in about 7 to 10 days.

First off if you want to start plants from seed you have to have some clean seed flats. If not than you have to clean the flats in a laundry tub. After you have them clean then hang them up to dry. After that you can buy a soilless mix like a germination mix. Fill your flats half full with the germination mix

After that than you can sow your seeds. You have to know what to do with the seeds that you are growing? Usuially on the back of the seed packet it will tell how to sow your seeds? Or you can look in the seed catalog that you order

the seeds from and they usually give you "how to start the seed variety

that you want to grow" After you fine out how to start your seed than you

get your seed flats that you have fill 1/2 full of the germination mix and have the soil soak or wet it before you sow your seeds." You should have your flats soaked the day before you sow your seeds. The next step is to sow the seeds

you can use a seed sower or you can just hold the packet and slowly sow your seeds from the packet. Now you have to know what seeds that you are sowing Begonias and Impatiens you don't cover the seeds with soil. Cabbage,

Peppers, and Tomatoes these are some of the seeds that you have to cover.

After just mist your seed flat and either in the greenhouse put then on the table until they germinate. In the home you can put them in the basement on a table with artifical light. And keep the flats evenly moist until they germinate.

I hope everyone trys to germinate plants from seed.

Happy Gardening to everyone and I hope I help you with this Hub page?

I would like you to come back and have fun gardening.

Gardener Den



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