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How to stay organized when you work from home

Updated on June 2, 2017
This is a very organized home office.
This is a very organized home office.

How does one stay organized when working from home?

How many people work outside of the house these days? quite a few I am sure, but there are a lot more jobs now that are home based that people are doing as well. Why do people want to work from home? Why are there so many home-based jobs now that there wasn’t before? Is it because it is easier for people to work for themselves rather than, for someone else? There is a limitless number of home based jobs in this day and age because it is easier to work from home when you have a family rather than work at an office where you have set hours, and can’t take time off when you need to, but it all depends on your boss. There are many people that still work outside the house, but there are also a lot who have decided to become entrap-enures. who work from home in the limitless capacity because they can work whenever and where ever.

Working from home might be limitless but it is not as easy as people might think. People may think okay I can start an at home business and make enough to live off, of that might be true but there is a lot more work involved when you work from home then there would be if you were to work in an office outside of the house. Why do I say that? Well when you work from home, you have to be a lot more organized, with the times that you work and still spending time with family, getting the house work done and cooking. If you work from home do you have your own home office that is just your own? Or are you working in your kitchen where there are toys everywhere from your kids or dishes to be done? These are the things that work at home people have to deal with. So how do you stay organized when you work from home?

Do you plan out your work day or do you just go with the flow and whatever happens, happens? These are the questions that, every person who works at home ask themselves. When you work from home do you have a specific spot that you work from? Like a home office or do you just work at the kitchen table? If you have a home office, do you have filing cabinets in the office to file your paperwork, do you work off a desktop computer or a laptop so that you can be in other spots of the house? If you have a home office, that you use when you work from home, everything is usually filled in it, right? so that you aren’t all over the place. If you work from home you probably use, a to- do list or a huge desk calendar or date book to keep your appointments and calls you make in order so that you don’t miss anything. You might even have spreadsheets for your taxes or the money that goes out and comes in so that you know where it all goes. These are just a few of the limitless ways that you can stay organized when working from home.

How to stay organized when you work from home

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Working from home requires a lot of organization

If you are a blogger, and you work from home, do you write down what blog posts you have written and what is coming up, or if you work from home do you give yourself a list of what you have to do that day? Meaning do you plan out what you have to do or do you just do things as they come up. Since I am a home based blogger, I use my phone to make notes about the different blog posts that I would like to write on a day to day basis, I know that some people don’t like having a list of their blog posts that are coming up they just think of them off the cuff but I am not like that. After I write the blog post and post it to my blog I write the title down in my editing process for a couple of days go back and edit It, once it is featured it goes in the featured section. Each of these sections is in a spreadsheet and are color coded, once a post is written it is taken off my list that I keep on my phone. That is how I stay organized with my blogs. I also make it a point to write for a couple hours a day and do it not just say I am doing it and do nothing.

If you work from home you actually have to work. You can’t just say you are going to do something and not do it because you don’t get paid then. That is why you have to plan out when you are going to work and how much work you are going to get done that day. Use sticky notes and bulletin boards if you have to, something to keep you organized and actually wanting to work. Why I say wanting to work, some people who work from home, just say that they are working and then they don’t do anything, because they don’t want to. If you don’t love your job, why are you a part of it? If you don’t like a home based job get out of it, and go back to the corporate world of office work. Most people, however, if they are working from home they like it and that is why they do it. When you work from home how you do stay organized? You probably have as I mentioned before, a home office where you work from and keep your files and notes there, all organized in a filing cabinet so that you can find them easily. If you are organized at work than your home life is organized, right?

When you work from home though how do you do that? You have to be very organized in your home office or where it is you work, as I have listed above There are limitless ways to work from home, as I have listed but you have to be dedicated and actually get it done, set an alarm for a couple hours and those are the hours you work, lock yourself in a room and work, without a phone or noise if you can work like that. Make a to - do list so that you can manage your time and get what you want to be done in a day. Don’t get discouraged if you are thinking of getting involved in a home based job, from what I said above. Take the tips that I have listed and use them to your advantage. They will help you stay organized and on task, it is what is helping me. I even take weeks where I don’t write and plan my list of ideas to write about, some people can’t do that, as well as some people can’t work from home, so do what is best for you. Writing ideas down for my blogs is another way that I stay organized so I can just pick and choose rather than spend half my day thinking of a good idea to write about. Everyone who works from home stays organized in their own way.

Work Smarter Not Harder when you work from home
Work Smarter Not Harder when you work from home

Limitless organization is taken when working from home

Working from home takes limitless organization which means you have lists and color schemes may be that you go by in order to get all your work done. Also, you have your day entirely scheduled out so that you get everything done and still have time for family life. That is how you stay organized when you work from home, isn't it?

How do you stay organized when you work from home? Let's Discuss

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