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How to use Backloads to save a bundle

Updated on August 30, 2011

While it is perhaps a very strange word – backload – it is a service that could save you a significant amount of money in your move. Moving homes is one of the most stressful activities there is, however if you can save money in your move while working with a professional and trusted company some of that stress can definitely be reduced.

By utilizing a backload service prospective customers are able to save significantly in the overall cost of their move. Backloads work by filling “free” space that most trucking and haulage companies experience after they have completed one leg of their journey.

Why do companies offer Backloads?

Haulage and transport companies incur costs regardless of whether or not their vehicles are fully utilized. Generally speaking driver salaries, fuel costs and other normal operating expenses remain the same regardless and for shipping companies, this is a losing proposition as their negotiated contracts are to transport goods from one location to another, but for one of these legs their truck is empty.

To alleviate this discrepancy shipping companies have setup exchanges where different companies can provide details of their availability so that they can maximize their haulage. From a customer’s perspective, significant cost savings are available as freight and haulage companies need to ensure that their services are being utilized to the greatest extent and they often provide customers with a quite substantial discount if they are using their backload service.

Backloads France

Backloads from France are available at significant discounts especially through some moving and haulage companies due to the volume of business carried out by them in these markets and you can often find backload offers advertised on the haulage exchange sites. Haulage exchange sites are where different shipping and hauling companies advertise their availability based on their current loads and consumers can also advertise loads that they want delivered on these sites too.

Some things to be aware of with Backloads

Backloads work best when you are flexible with your location and also with your date and time of pickup or delivery. By providing the haulage company with several options you will best be able to match your requirements with their schedule.

When you are shipping your goods via a backload service, your goods will often be combined with other smaller loads to create a complete bundle. Once again this is an attempt to maximize the utilization of the shipping company. To ensure that your goods are delivered to the correct location, it is absolutely essential that all packages are appropriately labeled and marked as while backload goods are treated with the same care and expertise as any other items, with mixed loads there are opportunities for mistakes. For those looking to have their goods removed from France, Go Man and Van Removals and Couriers is one of the best. This company specializes in both domestic and International moves, and has made a significant impact in the removals market for those looking to move to or from France.

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    • FloraBreenRobison profile image

      FloraBreenRobison 6 years ago

      I'm not familiar with this service. I must admit I like knowing exactly when things are supposed to arrive so that I know when things are late, etc.