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How to use baking soda in home cleaning

Updated on January 18, 2017

Furniture stains cleaner

If you have coffee, chocolate or other stains on your sofa, the best non-toxic way to clean it, is with backing soda. Make a thick paste with warm water and place it on the stain. It is better to apply it on a fresh stain, but it will be reacting with overripe stains. The baking soda will lift the stain. After that remove the paste with warm water and blotting paper.

Carpet freshener

Put some baking soda on the carpet and leave it for 30 minutes. It will soak the humidity and the unpleasant odors. After that vacuum the carpet very well or take it outside and beat it with heavy stick or tennis racket. This way will get rid of the collected dust as well.

Grease remover

The baking soda could remove the greasy stains really effectively. Put some baking soda on the stain, no matter where it is – on the sofa, carpet or even on your favorite pair of jeans. The baking soda will soak the grease for over 20 -30 minutes. After that you can wash the place with warm water.

Silverware cleaner

Make a paste from 3 parts baking soda and 1 part warm water. Using soft sponge, start scrubbing the silverware. After that just wash away with water. The baking soda is the most non-toxic way to clean your silverware.

In the kitchen

The place of the baking soda is in the kitchen. So let’s use it in the kitchen. You could clean whatever you want. Starting with the appliances – coffeemaker, oven, microwave and also deodorize the fridge. Just leave an open box of baking soda for one night, after cleaning and organizing the fridge. If your countertop is marble, you could use baking soda to remove the food stains from it. Just scrub it with some baking soda. And if you cooked a fish recently and the whole kitchen is smelling right now, leave the baking soda box on the dinning table for a couple of hours. Besides you could use baking soda for porcelain and stainless steel, because it could not harm their surfaces.

In the bathroom

It turns out that the baking soda could be used in the bathroom, too. You could scrub the bathtub and the floor. The only problem is that you will need really much baking soda. Also you could disinfect your family’s toothbrushes. Use a big bowl with warm water and baking soda to dunk your hairbrushes and combs. This way you remove bacteria and infections.

Sneakers fresher

Put a little baking soda in the kids’ sneakers. It will soak the humidity and remove the bad smell. After that vacuum the sneakers’ interior to completely remove the baking soda.


If you are smoker or have pet in your home, you know that the bad odor cannot be removed easy. Leave an open box of baking soda in every room for one night. If you do this regularly, after one week you will notice the difference.

I heard that the baking soda could be really good facial and body exfoliant. It could be used like a toothpaste, too. But I haven’t used this application of the baking soda, so I cannot give my opinion.


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