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How to vacuum a pool

Updated on April 4, 2011
If you're viewing this page, your pool doesn't look like this
If you're viewing this page, your pool doesn't look like this

Do I have to vacuum the pool?

Yes, you do. If you don't vacuum your pool regularly the filters will become clogged and you'll get a build-up of dirt and grime that chemicals can't get rid of. Even if the chemicals can kill bacteria and algae, where do you think all that stuff goes after it's dead? It'll just sit in your pool if you don't vacuum it out.

I'm going to show you the methods you can use to vacuum your pool. Some pool filter and vacuuming systems are different, so you should always read your manufacturer's instructions before working with such expensive equipment.

So, how do I vacuum the pool?

Start by attaching the hose from the vacuum to the vacuum head. You're going to place the vacuum adapter in the skimmer but first you've got to flood the hose with water. The way I do this is by sticking both ends under water and one end over the return feed (where water shoots into the pool, it's the place where you hold on to the side of the pool and get the "water massage"). This will force water into the hose and push the air out.

When vacuuming the pool, make sure to work very slowly. You want to get all that grime that starts to build up on the surface of the liner.

When you're done, disconnect the hose adapter from the skimmer and take your vacuuming equipment out of the pool. At this point you can turn off the pool pump.

Clean out the skimmer basket and the separate hair basket if your filtering system has one. The hair basket should be located somewhere near the pump.

On your filter you should have a setting for backwash. Turn it to that and turn the pump back on. Look on the filter to see where the sight glass is. Look at this as the filter is backwashing. When the water becomes clear you can stop running the pump.

You should have another setting on your filter marked rinse. Set it to this and turn the pump back on for about a minute.

Finally, you can turn off the pump and set the filter back to its normal filter setting. Turn the pump back on. You have now successfully cleaned your pool.


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