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How to de-flea your home

Updated on September 17, 2007

Not until this year have I really appreciated how much of a nuisance common flea can be. Since up until now we only had one dog, fleas have always been manageable. Topical treatment and anti-flea collar was usually enough to get rid off these pesky little buggers. But since we managed to expand our animal family by 3 cats over a period of less then a year, come this springtime flea season caught me completely unprepared. I will not lie to you and say it is simple as spraying some insecticide - to de-flea your home takes time, perseverance but most of all patience. It is very important to treat both your pets and your home at the same time. Your home will not be flea-free otherwise.

Cat flea
Cat flea

· Remove all the pet beds and bedding and either wash it in hot water or get rid off it.

· Remove all of your bed linen, in case your pets are prone to jumping on the bed and wash that as well.

· Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Everything. Floors, carpets, upholstery. And do not forget all the nooks and crannies. As I was gathering more information on how to properly de-flea my home I found some information that borax is good for getting rid of fleas. You are supposed to isolate your pets and sprinkle borax over your carpets and upholstery, leave it for an hour and then vacuum. It is supposed to dry out flea eggs. However since I could not find borax, I found information you can use salt with the same effect. I was a bit dubious, but once I have sprinkled salt on the carpets fleas started jumping out like crazy, so I guess it did bother them. Leave salt for an hour or two and then vacuum thoroughly. Some suggest cutting up a flea collar and putting it in a vacuum bag, but I am very attached to my vacuum I could not stand it if something happened to it. Important - once you are done vacuuming it would be best to dispose of the vacuum bag you have used.

· And do not forget to treat your garden if you have it. Flea larvae drop on the ground and it means if you do not treat your garden your pets can be infested again. Find beneficial nematode products and spray them in your garden, as this will help control the flea population.

The good news is, if you have just one pet this should be enough, but I would keep up with daily vacuuming for at least a week. However if you have more then one pet, you might have to repeat this procedure over a period of some 3 weeks to break the flea's life cycle. Fleas are utter and horrible nuisance and as I have found out this year flea bites, well lets just say mosquitoes have nothing on them (hydrocortisone cream works wonders). But with some perseverance they can be exterminated for good. So get that dust buster and get to work and do not forget to treat your pet at the same time. With a little bit of an effort both your pet and your home should be a flea-free zone.


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    • profile image

      de-flea-er 5 years ago

      weve been trying to de-flea out 4ooosqft house as well as our grandparents 1500sqft home and have no success ovitrol works on animals with no reactions at all and works on their bedding. we vaccuum vaccuum vaccuum but seriously its not working. we need like a jumbo bomb for the flea world. help!!!

    • profile image

      julie 5 years ago

      I used Advantage on my dog and she got an allergic reaction which cost me 52pounds intitially and is still ongoing at the vets!

      Wont be using that again!!

    • profile image

      Luda 5 years ago

      I have not had fleas in my home in a very long time. My cat has a dual layer of fur, the first being very dense and soft, like downy and fleas have a hard time sticking on her. Now we have a little boy cat who is a perfect host to these things. I am highly allergic to flea bites, and I am going more crazy than anyone else. I just ordered "revolution," as this also treats heart worm, and there are a lot of abused, outdoor pit bulls next door, and my boyfriends in and out smoking habit takes him outside 10+ times a day. I am waiting for the treatment before I de-flea the whole house, as I will have to do it again anyway.

    • profile image

      ash 6 years ago

      Am sick ov the lil things av got two cats a hamster and a dog helpppppp !!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      full of bites 6 years ago

      @pug lover- that is the second time i've heard that about bio-spot yet when I called several vets they recommended using it??!!! I hacve used the bio-spot hand held spray in my garage with no reaction from my dog but have not tried it in my home. We have used Hartz foggers in the garage and the lil buggers are still hopping!!! Heading out to get frontline, fogging the house, doing the pet collar in the vacuum trick and praying to god that this works or I may have to consider rehoming my dog and cat :( with 5 kids getting bitten to bits i have no choice :(

    • profile image

      pam 6 years ago

      I am struggling with fleas also...but just a warning...I used Advantix on my dog and it caused him to have a more topical flea stuff in this household...

    • profile image

      Erika 7 years ago

      Hiya everybody!

      Im just enjoying the flea club myself:(:(:( I have 5 dogs and 9 cats and I just discovered it that the furry kids having fleas:(:(:( I am going nuts how on earth I will deflea 14 pets and the darn house at the same time?? What to do ??? Helpppppp meeeee!!

    • profile image

      Tracy 7 years ago

      I've had same problem fleas are driving me mad. I'm at my wits end. Dnt know how to get rid of them.

    • profile image

      Pug lover 7 years ago

      I have 2 pugs. Fleas have been a huge problem this spring and summer! Bio-spot will KILL animals, so don't use it! I don't have any answers tried all. Waiting for a hard frost!

    • profile image

      Afton 7 years ago

      I used a product called Frontline on my cat, applied to the back of the neck. It kills anything that jumps on them. I don't trust flea collars, they never seem to work properly for me. Frontline on the cat and mad hoovering of the house seems to do the trick. Any eggs that avoid your hoover may hatch a week or two later, but once they jump on the cat they die too. So just keep up with the hoovering and they'll be gone in 2-3 weeks max

    • profile image

      yvonne 7 years ago

      I have 3 dogs, 4 cats. I just got done treating the pets with flea medicine while bombing the house. This is gonna be my third try, if this doesn't work i might just burn down the We just got rid of kittens that were the cause to our flea problem but its a pain in the rear, to go through the process!

    • profile image

      kasia 8 years ago



    • profile image

      Deb 8 years ago

      Dear Fed Up With Fleas;

      same here....I am SO sick of them. We have carpet in the majority of the house with no funds to replace it. I have bombed repeatedly, sprinkled carpets with powders, don't vacuum as often as I should, but am vowing to do this more often in the coming week or so. I can't move some of my furniture (I'd break it) and can never get the hubby to help, so I'm stuck. I treat all 3 of our animals (one dog, two cats) and it's just FRUSTRATING. washing, vacuuming, powdering, vacuuming, bathing - URGH. I am just sick of it.

    • profile image

      fed up with fleas 8 years ago

      we also have fleas all over our house...treated dog with frontline, but still has fleas all over him...hired an exterminator, set off flea bombs, done COUNTLESS loads of laundry and my vacuum cleaner is on more than off..can't take it anymore!!!how much longer will this go on?

    • profile image

      liz 8 years ago

      Bob martin wont work-its crap

    • profile image

      Jade 8 years ago

      we have fleas at the moment... big drama it is getting done slowly but we have brought bob martin products and tht seems to be helping :)

    • madhavisb profile image

      madhavisb 9 years ago from New Delhi

      Dear Roberta, try Apis it's a homeopathic medicine to flea bites, stops the itching almost immediately. Any medicine with even the slightest smell of cortizone now makes me feel slightly scared. For the house i put citronella in the swabbing water and ofcourse airing and sunning everything makes a huge difference. warm regards Madhavi