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How to Wage a Successful Campaign Against Fruit Flies in Less Than a Week!

Updated on January 19, 2012

Win the war against fruit flies


First you see just one of them. Then you see a few fruit flies every once in a while. Next, you realize that you are seeing more and more of them. Before you know it, you realize that your house or business have been invaded by hundreds of fruit flies. You have a fruit fly infestation! Thus, the question of old arises: Just what is a person to do?

First you must become aware that you are under attack and that you are in a state of war. Because of that, you have to quickly map out a strategy as to how you are going to fight the enemy--the fruit flies--and get them out of your territory. In other words, how are you going to put a swift conclusion to this unexpected invasion?

Once you are aware that you are under assault, you need to immediately map out your strategy and act yesterday. Why? Because fruit flies multiply before you can say--oh, sh*t! These suckers are everywhere!

There is no need to panic, however, if you follow the strategy that I will outlaw below. By doing so, you will be able to wage a successful campaign against fruit flies in under a week. They will either be dead or they will pack their bags and go bug--no pun intended--somebody else whose place is more inviting to them.

What is that strategy? Here it is: Lay traps. Bait with wine. Ambush. Kill stragglers. And destroy the nest. By following this simple strategy, you will rid your place of fruit flies in under a week!

Trap the enemy

Lay landmines or, what do they call them today, IED's, improvised explosive devices. That is to say that you want to go to a nearby store and buy several fly ribbon or fly traps. Fly ribbons are dirt cheap. They're under a dollar. And mind you, it will kill a lot of enemies. Hundreds of them will get trapped on the extremely sticky fly ribbon. Don't just put one fly ribbon. Put up several. No military force ever lays just one landmine or a terrorist group, one IED. No, they lay hundreds of them. You, too, should do likewise although not to that extent. For after all, you are at war with the fruit flies that invaded your home or business. Conduct your campaign against the fruit flies at your place as if you are at war! Don't let up.

Bait the enemy

Buy a bottle of red wine. Pour some into a paper bowl that you can discard. And just watch them come in droves to taste, dive in, or drink the wine. (Note: You should a fly ribbon nearby so that they can trap many more.) Leave it overnight. What you will observe is that many have drowned in the wine. And others are dancing or walking around the bowl. You've got them just where you want them. This naturally leads us into our next strategy.

Ambush the enemy

Ambush the enemy. Massacre as many as you possibly can. You want to put them into a mass grave. You don't want any survivors! Hit them and hit them hard! Try not to let any of them get away! How do you pull this off? With a bug spray. When my family and I encountered this problem, we used an environmentally friendly bug spray called Hot Shot Kitchen Bug Killer, which contains botanical insecticide. My wife and I chose our weapons: I poured wine and she let loose with the heavy artillery and machine guns: the Hot Shot Kitchen Bug Killer insect spray. Together with the fly ribbons, our method of bait-and-kill took a huge toll on the enemy in a matter of 2 to 3 days. The tide of the war was turning in our favor. Yet, we were not going to be foolish and declare victory against the enemy before it actually ended. We resolved to stay our course and fight the enemy to the bitter end.

Kill the enemy

Of course, while you are conducting your ambush, some of the enemy will escape. Also, some of the enemy will not come to drink from the bowl of elation and drunkenness. Thus, it will be up to you to hunt those individual fruit flies down. You can do this by whacking them with a fly swatter. Whenever and wherever you see them, whack them. Make sure you always have your weapon nearby because you will never know when an enemy fruit fly will fly by or when you will, by chance, happen upon one of them.

Destroy the enemy's nest

That's right. Seek out, search and destroy the nest. This is critical. As long as the nest is still churning daily supply of fresh new borne fruit flies, you can destroy a hundred today and expect to have a hundred or so replacements tomorrow. You can trap and massacre scores of the enemy fruit flies, but as long as their base (nest) is fully operational, you will find yourself fighting an uphill battle. It could come to the point that it seems that the more of the enemy you kill, the more they seem to multiply. That's why it's crucial to seek out, search for, and destroy that nest. My family and I discovered that we had a couple of nests in our house: Rotting bananas and tomatoes that we had lost sight of. Don't let it happen to you. But it does or has already occurred, by all means, find that nest and destroy it!


To reiterate: To conduct a successful campaign against fruit fly invaders, first, make sure that you are aware that a problem, namely, an infestation, does exist. Second, upon discovering that your place has been invaded, you must map out a strategy of ridding yourself of that problem. And you do this in the following way: Lay out traps. Put out baits. Conduct ambushes. Hunt down individual fruit flies. And last, find and destroy the nest.

how to get rid of fruit flies


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