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Hunger Games Bedroom

Updated on June 17, 2012

First it was Harry Potter and then Twilight and now, the latest in the series of young adult fiction turned blockbuster film series we have the acclaimed Hunger Games. I story that takes place in post United States North America where the government forces their youth to fight to the death as the nation watches. As with Potter and Twilight this story is a part of today's pop culture and is inspiring everything from birthday parties to bedrooms. To get your very own personal piece of the story in your own room here are three unique and creative ways to transform your space into an homage to the Hunger Games.


Theme 1: Girl on Fire

Katness Everdean is the girl on fire, from a poor district covered in soot and coal she rose out of the ash to a position where she could change the world. From the fiery dress she wore in the first book to the fire in her soul that she carried with her throughout the trilogy flames are a clear symbolism for this character. Reflect this with a “Girl on Fire” themed room of your own.


For your walls begin with a neutral bace of white or a light grey, though if you are bold you could go a bit darker with the grey so it’s more of an ashy color that is reminiscent of the coal that Katness’ home district is known for.

Pick a focal wall, preferably one that is opposite of the door when you walk in or has no windows. On this wall either paint a large mockingjay emblem or purchase a wall sticker from Amazon in the shape. Also another option is to buy contact paper in a fiery red and make your own wall sticker of the mockingjay.

The rest of your walls should be relatively empty so that more focus in in the one major wall art.


The furniture in this room should be streamlined and sleek, the idea is for it to be more of a canvass for the other décor than a focal point in it’s self. Painting it the same shade as the walls works as dose painting it black of a very dark grey.


If you have a four poster bed it is perfect for this theme that is great but if not it is simple to make the illusion that there is one. You will need red tule and a staple gun. Place your bed either in a corner or pointing int the middle of the room with the head against on a wall (ideally not the same wall as the wall art. cut the tule so that it is two to three feet wide an will reach from the celling to where it will puddle slightly on the floor. use rubber bands to bunch the fabric at one end and use the staple gun to attach this end to the ceiling, do this in all four corners of the bed to give it the four poster look. If there is extra fabric attach it loosely to the celling above the bed for a canopy effect.

On the bed it’s self sheets in orange, black or yellow are a good idea while the comforter and pillow should be black or the same red as the tule canopy.


Dot the room with red accents such as a black and white photos with a red frame, red flameless candles and red, orange and yellow bouquet of flowers. Anther way to keep with the fire theme is to cover all of your books on your shelves in red, orange, yellow, black and grey book covers

For your bedside lamp get a bace that is grey or black and a white shade. Buy red, orange and yellow tissue paper and cut it into small squares and then using a water and glue mixture decoupage the tissue paper onto the shade. When it is dry put it back on the lamp and when on it will cast a fiery glow.

Theme 2: The Capitol

When Peeta and Katness arrived in the capitol of Panem they were is for a culture shock. The colors were brighter, the noise was louder and the people were far more cheerful. It might have all been a facade for a corrupt and sinister way of life but you can still have a bit of fun by reflecting the energy of the Hunger Games capitol in your room.


When picking the paint for your room a neutral gray will give you more room to play with color throughout the room and pick up on some of the fashion and style found in the capitol.

If you are especially artistic you may even want to paint the skyline of the capitol along one wall.

A great option for the wall art is a selection of posters would be found in the Capital. Examples are, Panem's Flag, “Down with the Capitol” posters, Hunger Games propaganda and President Snows campaign poster.


Like the capitol your furniture should be sleek and modern. Think mettle like chrome and silver.


Here is where the color comes in. Pick an accent color that shows up in a poster you picked or reminds you of a capitol character i.e. pink for Effie. Choose bedding that has a modern geometric pattern and is in the color you have chosen.


Around the room use elements of style to decorate, one idea is a fancy pair of heels that Effie might wear as a book end to hold up the trilogy on your shelf. This is the place to get creative and find fun, modern and colorful accents that play up how you imagine the capitol.

Theme 3: District 12

If flames are too gaudy and the capitol too modern for your tastes a more earthy District 12 theme might be right up your alley.


Browns and tans make a good base for this room but if you want more color on the walls a forest green or even a forest mural will bring in the woods that Gale and Katness hunt in.

A vinyl wall sticker of Katness with her bow drawn will make the theme of the room obvious. Also for wall decorations great options are signs for locations mentioned in the books such as The Hob.


With this theme room furniture should be simple and rustic. District 12 residents didn’t have much to work with so a simple bed and other furniture works well.


On the bed a solid color or one with a natural theme such as leaves works well and it’s best in browns and greens.


The one most important décor item is a bow and handful of arrows that either hang on a wall or are displayed in some other manner. Other touches are a bouquet of Primroses in honor of Prim and a few cute stuffed animals that are reminiscent of the ones in the forests outside of district 12.

What theme do you like best?

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