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Hydroponic Herb Garden at Home

Updated on August 1, 2016
Hydroponic Herb Garden at Home
Hydroponic Herb Garden at Home

Introducing the Aero Grow Hydroponic Garden

This little beauty will supply your Herb and Vegetable needs all year round. No mess no fuss a new meaning to 'Plug and Grow'. Compact with low energy consumption. There's no excuse not to have fresh Herbs all year round with the Aero Grow Hydroponic Garden. It's your very own hydroponic herb garden at home.

How Does it Work

Hydroponics is a system for growing plants with water instead of soil or potting compost. Specificity the Aero Garden is an Aeroponic Hydroponic system whereby the water and nutrients are delivered to the plant roots via a small pump whilst the plant is suspended in the air.

This is a very efficient way of growing herbs, vegetables or flowers.

The plants do not have to expend energy producing large root masses and therefore they will grow and an alarmingly fast rate!

Aerogrow Garden on Fox 31 TV

Size and Running Costs

The Aerogrow Aero Garden is frugal with your electricity it uses about the same amount of electricity as a single sixty watt incandescent light bulb, thanks to the two energy saving compact grow lamps that come with this system.

Size the Aero Garden is compact and measures sixteen inches long by ten and a half inches wide. It stands fifteen and a half inches high at its lowest setting and twenty one inches at its higest setting

What can I Grow?

You can grow all manner of things with the Aero Garden.

Chilli Plants are good, Cherry tomatoes will thrive as will of course herbs. You can even grow flowers if that is your fancy. You don't even need to worry what season it is or how inclement the weather. You can grow indoors all year round.

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Putting it all Together

Do you have ab Aerogrow Garden?

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