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Hypoallergenic Facts On Latex Pillows

Updated on August 27, 2011

Latex pillows are quickly taking off and demand for this kind of pillow surges on. There’s a lot of media hype seen and heard on TV, magazines, newspapers, internet, radio and everywhere. You hear your neighbour talking about waking up fresh and of never having disturbed sleep since possession of these pillows. There are celebrities endorsing other kinds of pillows that claim to be the best in the market. At times you’d hear negative feedback from people who claims to have had an allergic reaction from latex pillows. On the other hand, there is that insomniac friend of yours that claims it to be the cure to her disorder.

The hype surrounding latex pillows make it difficult to separate fact from mere propaganda. Even users are sometimes swayed to be biased on their testimonies and observations. Pillows in general are steep. Natural latex pillows are high-priced and for a good reason. Most traditional pillows are fluffy in the beginning and eventually form lumps and end up replaced every now and then. Latex pillows are firm and are economical in the long run as this kind of pillow lasts longer than 5 years, which converts to rather huge savings.

Sleepers searching for maximum support and comfort may find their perfect match with latex stuffed pillows. This is because latex pillows are made of soft foam from sap produced by rubber trees. Unlike traditional foam, latex foam conforms to the body’s contour and provides excellent support around the neck, head and back which are essential to have a good night sleep.

Since latex is resistant to mildew and dust mite in nature, pillows made of this material are ideal for individuals who are hypersensitive and allergy prone. Thanks to the latest technology, the hundreds of holes and inter-connection cell structure of latex pillows prohibits build-up of moisture and provides natural ventilation. Dust mites and mildew thrive only where there is moisture built-up. With proper air circulation through open cells, Latex pillows are anti-microbial and hypoallergenic making it safe and healthy for everybody’s use.

There is however a small percentage of users that are allergic to latex pillows despite the numerous process it went through to wash off proteins that may attract dust mite. Individuals that were heavily exposed to latex made by the dipped excavation processes are found to be sensitive and allergic to these pillows. To be safe, it is strongly recommended to pass up using latex pillows if you have latex allergies.

Have you had any allergic reaction using a latex pillow?

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