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I Bought the Farm: an old photo from 1892?

Updated on August 25, 2012

Moving into new house can trigger some strange behavior. Moving into a new house that is an old house triggered an unusual idea. Wondering what the first owners of our 1874 farm house were like and wishing we could find and old photograph, we decided to create one. Actually it was my wife’s idea. She is really into this old stuff and was stuck on the idea of restoring the house to into it’s original condition. She relinquished those expectations when I said “ok where should I dig the hole for the outhouse?”

Dressed in our oldest looking duds and suppressing all emotion to evoke the most dead pan facial expressions achievable, we all posed in front of my old tripod mounted Canon TX film camera. Dogs included. I adjusted the lens slightly out of focus, set the timer and pressed the shutter release. Was this the family that resided in the house in 1892? It has been passed off as such but it was taken in 1992. Some friends who casually look at the photo believe the story, but on a second take begin to realize it is not authentic. Some have actually asked “where did you find that photo?” It has been more fun that finding an authentic photo.


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