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I am Trees of life that a disc was held in the hand once was creation

Updated on April 20, 2016

that there were many, was one

Many one of the houses were in diversity whole on the wheel and in the unity they did speak in robes of their lives and in the secrecy of secret gardens. That the garden was the mind once was the single temple of tempo rhythms, it was invaded by lust too. By the olden Hindi practice of vultures and need to heal the broken Eros, that a cross could carry in a heart of many meanings. That crosses and circles and math was the name before the geometry of chemistry made thoughts to paper, man name. It was the dolphin's singing in the quake that they never heard, yet they fled in the wake. Then the shores washed away. People like trees of life into the waves, for home they went in birth. To the rest of the nature that was.

Not that they fed as fish food the fish on the plates, and then they knew the price of the dead.Cycles of foundations, that turn to life in the ashes are often the best forests in the minds of life. Fallen, then risen, to fall in reunified glory of the whole, dialed home as rotatory numbers once did. They had numbers, like the cages to that I need never have, none called. Then you knew the footsteps in the water home in the versions of man that you waked as women too, animal and the thoughts of sorted lives.

I spoke to the spirit monks of dead, that they would know the sun of life in spirit was a gift. Be as you were not treated free. Experience the freedom that scripture once stole from your youth. It may be painful but I am here just to see, you shine. In fire or in love, you all deserve it so much. That penned was made to state "Creation goes to hell for life." was a sin too. I visit Hell to see if there is need, or need to be free in death for a time, a gift that my soul can bare. In the forgiveness of the righteous sins against the youth, that mine was stolen a gift to you all too. For I taught my self to hurt too and bare the weight of those who shamed you such as was not my nature.

They damned machines for saving the forests. I would see then be tools, to save the rest home of nature. They sold paper, trees, books, scripture in books, fiction, fantasy, science, life in books, build temples, homes, and money from trees and nature and I see no forests of branches green except greed here. So be it, they need the illusion from a gift. Trees, I spoke that your brothers and sisters lay on the floor with lumber to build that man sold and cut for free. I gave them options other than trees, the internet that housed their filth too. They damned my life for not.

Then the joke, that they were educated for trees got their champion in you. And they taught the lies to be shattered in time. Then laughter as the old monks did and nuns, roared for they were taught lies too. Priests and nuns laughed as their house hollow of meat for the mind forest rested. It was a chemistry soup of bonds you never see. Then find freedom in choices that they damned you for, that it may be in glory.

Remove those that have my choices, for they sinned my heart's desire. To be spirit in physical and spirit in flesh, the next would be what? A new kind of Hall, where the dead once rested I suppose in that understanding and like parts of the whole shattered again in time, seeds to the new planets.

It was, once and is, the nursery of life. That life was on other worlds, was the lie hidden.


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