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I changed my garden from a dump into an eden

Updated on March 16, 2017
Andrew Bromley profile image

Andrew has been a keen gardener since 2015 and has been learning and upgrading his own garden using his greenhouse extensively

The start of my journey

Clear out the junk.

When it comes to improving your garden what is it really what prevents you. Ill Health? Laziness? Not knowing where to start?. This was the dilemma that faced me back in 2015, my garden was a complete mess. But i set about the task of rectifying the situation and turned my garden into a nice beautiful haven of colour and delight. At first it was not easy as i was not an experienced gardener First of all you have to go into your garden and have a good hard look around. Your first impulse would probably be to turn around and think "Maybe another day" But with that attitude it will never happen so just "Take the bull by the horns and go for it"..One of the best ways to start a garden project off is to do a major rubbish clearance. Now i suppose most people accumulate some rubbish or debris in their garden at some stage, but i was in that category of a lot of garden rubbish mounting up over the years. Now here you can" kill two birds with one stone,". Why not clear out any junk you don't want lying around the house and store it with the junk in the garden. so that is exactly what i did. I cleared out the house of any unwanted items and made a large pile in the back garden also with the contents that i had stashed in my old shed. The shed was also dismantled and piled on to the pile.


One of the keys also to creating a nice garden is inspiration, you need something to strive for. One of my key inspiration was some of the videos that you can see on You tube .Scouring through the videos you do see some well maintained gardens displaying some beautiful flower and shrub displays. You think to yourself i wish my garden looked like that. But turning a wish into reality can be very hard.That laziness factor can be a big burden. And one major factor that comes into it is" MONEY" . I am not a rich man, not by long stretch, i was made redundant from my job that i had for thirty years in the field of Electroplating. I became self employed as a leaflet distributor for the last six years. my lucky break came when the government passed a law allowing you to use your private pensions once you turn fifty five years old. I could take out twenty five percent tax free, which came to six and a half thousand pounds. So now i could arrange for all the junk in the garden to be cleared , the whole lot.

Turning into reality.

Over the course of a year i completely transformed my garden into my visual picture that i had when i first started. There was a lot of digging and planning but with a little insight it goes to show that with a bit of hard work you can accomplish anything. One of the main structures to get started in the garden is a solid ground base to work with. That means before you think about any nice plants or flowers, get all the ground work done first. Now you are probably thinking well that all makes sense, but i have seen samples of where a bit of the garden is dug, a few flowers put in and the rest of the garden is still left in weeds and and piles of junk.and no other areas dug. Once all the manual work is done you can then turn your attention to the fun parts,One point to remember about the ground work is that once it is done you will find that all you have to do to maintain it is just keeping it tidy and general weeding. Buying a Greenhouse was one area that i thought was very important because that is where you can grow and maintain new plants and flowers as and when you need them. Most of the fun was growing them from seed. Starting from seed growing into seedlings and eventually growing large enough to either display in pots and containers or planted into the ground. When you have finally produced a nice garden worthy to go out into and marvel at you know you have accomplished something.

Keeping a record

For a point of interest you can keep a record of your progress by way of photos or video recordings. Try to record a few images of how the garden looks at the beginning and continue taking doing so as the work progresses. When you have got the garden how you want, you will have a record to keep and to show friends and family how you transformed your garden. And sometimes you can ponder through them and impress yourself how well you done.

Inspirational Journeys

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Your inspiration

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