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I gave up Starbucks for the Tassimo Coffee Brewer

Updated on July 16, 2012
Tassimo drink brewing machine
Tassimo drink brewing machine | Source

As a wife and mother, mornings tend to be one of the most chaotic times of the day for me. Aside from getting everyone up and out of bed each morning, I often have a short window to get the kids dressed, groom them, feed them breakfast, pack their lunches and get them out the door on time while hopefully not forgetting anything. The one thing for me that is necessary (at least on most days) is making sure I get my morning cup of coffee.

The days that I frantically throw a pot of coffee together, I inevitably end up making an awful batch (my coffee grounds/water serving sizes were not at an equal ratio, or I made it too early and by the time I drink it, it tastes burnt etc.)

Other days I don’t make it early enough and I find myself swinging into the local starbucks drive thru (which around here can be a line of 10 cars and can literally add 15 mins to your commute time).

In the end I was either making awful coffee, or waiting way too long to get a professionally brewed cup and paying an arm and a leg for it.

And then I met....

Be still my beating heart! I just found the answer to all my morning coffee problems. The time that I came across this wonderful piece of equipment, was the same time that the Keurig was launching like crazy and becoming the next best thing.

I went back and forth for a while, but what finally won me over with the Tassimo was its ability to make lattes and cappuccinos as well as coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc.

Fast, Quick and Easy Coffee

You simply order the flavored drinks you want; they are called “T-Discs”, stock them up in the handy little T-Disc Carousel then pull out T-Disc you want each morning, throw it into the top, shut the lid and push the button.

The best part is that I can set my coffee mug right under the dispenser then literally grab it and go. There's no mess to clean up or dishes to do.

Cheaper than Starbucks!

I’ve figured out that each cup only costs about $1-$1.50 depending on what type of drink you make. I went from paying roughly $4 for a tall latte at Starbucks to only paying $1.50. (If you buy in larger quantities it makes it cheaper than if you buy 8 or 16 servings at a time.)

I went from buying coffee grounds that inevitably were ruined by my awful barista skills, to making coffee that I will actually drink and love.

If you can relate to any of this, I would highly recommend making this investment. Another perk is that any time we have had company over, I have a wide variety of drinks to offer.

Not everyone loves coffee, so they have the option of drinking tea or hot chocolate. Some people love the idea of a cappuccino, other people love lattes. It adds a lot of flaver (pun intended) to an already great time of fellowship with friends and family.

Just make sure you STOCK UP. It’s better to have enough on hand, than having to wait for your order online to be shipped to you. You can also score cheaper shipping if there happens to be a promotion going on.

Happy caffeination!


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    • pmolinero profile image

      pmolinero 5 years ago from Cyprus

      I would be lost without my single cup coffee brewer. The Tassimo is a great choice.