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I just stripped and laid floor finish on my stone tile floor and it’s peeling off. What happened?

Updated on June 29, 2012

Floor finish peeling off, what happened?

You just stripped the floor and laid floor finish on ceramic tile floor and white flakes are coming off the floor. Wondering what happened and what you did wrong?

There could be several reasons why floor finish is peeling off.

1: Floor finish did not bond to the floor, because stripping work did not take off the old floor sealer completely. Existing floor sealer is solvent based and your new floor finish is water based. If your floor has a solvent based sealer and if you are laying water based floor finish, it will not bond to the floor and it will peel off.

2: Stripping solution was not taken off the floor completely and residue is breathing out later. When you strip the floor, especially stone and grouted floors will absorb the stripping solution into the stone and grout and breathe out later. If stripping solution was not neutralized or floor did not have enough time to completely dry out, floor finish will peel off.

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When you strip the floor, make sure to rinse floor with PH neutralizer in your rinsing water.

If you don’t have neutralizer, rinse the floor with hot water several times. Wait at least 12 to 24 hours to have all stripping solution residue evaporate before laying the floor finish.

If you really want to make sure, test a small area on the side of the floor and wait for a day or two. If it does not peel, then it should be ok to proceed with the rest of the floor.


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