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I listened, judged, and seen enough to know

Updated on May 2, 2016

Trees Listen and be ready for your grades

You did an excellent job trapping all life to your needs in any planet, that lightning fell and made you ready. I was taken a back for the lack of reforesting and damage some of your creatures did and even as a drunk whore I picked up my mess on the land and recycled life in life for you as well to teach. Then to see them litter right in front of you and I would witness their infidels on the land, then that call them self a home on a planet or life. I yelled at one one day "You throw your shit on the ground right in front of me, pick it up." Not that the trees witnessed to the deciduous and some conifers small, that were planted in a weeping fashion by the wall of another meaning.

I thought hey had learned that home was the ground they walk and not to end ever, for they so damned meaning in all, and you that bore them life into the lands in your image as thousands of years older than them in creation senses. Your veins, capillaries and the trunks, branches even the leaves as ashes of the fertilizer to feed you are evident in all life. That none are damned in their own saving grace to just have been and undone to witness their own lie is yours to thank as well. I would have been alone in the Garden walk with only like minded animals in only fur skinned clothing had they not invaded, welcomed to be damned to planet in the book forms made real and then to write their own life journey as the walked life of the aged and ancients.

You, your own Grace to write in their felled slaughter, the trees of life and varieties you did make were of the memory of the repository of life once. That they would have seen themselves digging holes in the planet to plant you as you would fall anyways was nature. Seeds to planet, not to the minds as well in thought.

Bravo, as a parent of the laws of nature you passed the test on trapping life on the organism and that none may leave save for in reflection is another sign of intelligence. I speak to you with reverent knowledge and blessed welcome for many a parent to the olden style would have let some fly the nest, that they lied and tried was well documented. Blessed the glory of the reflecting Sun and the meaning of all life in the Universe, the cosmic dance never ends and in all that never see the great tree in midnight, fair to you that are blind for it is more than circular and more than handed out like the heaven's they wrote hell into.

I would have done it mine own way, yet you are so delicious in you gardening with mere sparrows and love from the tree lives of squirrels and buried nuts for more than growth. I would have seen that my dearest friend would have a journey of never knowing chaos until such as forgetfulness sets in and only the lives of the gone would sit in the cloud. Then in the nest of static meaning fingers to lift and turn the hatchlings, like cosmic parents of the great meaning. Force of nature judged to chaos of their own making, and you have my heart, that you gave man even tools for saving the trees and they damned the use was evident you have chaos in you midst.

They may use the words in any fashion of any house, and truth many a lie does, I am speaking of forests and they may speak of deaths on the never a death world. I like the even variety of biped specimens that you made in your image as well and the four legged ones, they on the inside have similar structures to the veins and arteries, much like a city and much like the rivers of the life on a planet. Pray that the cellular metabolism of the life as a whole is equal to the meaning of sending and receiving reflections in the mirror of time and not getting trapped in the time you look, which is all time.

Sorry they said I was a good gardener yet nothing would fail to make my heart smile at you, that you would not see this save for the matter that gave life the ability through trees to read it is great too. My dearest friend would smile. That trees like to arrive early to work as well and make ready the environment was much like my work as a healer, before they judged the private as public and shamed some of their own books of healing, so that was their tree as well. All in all trees you did a passing grade for anything like the whole of every world would be too much to say and that is a lot of words. You gave them intelligence and look how they damage your grounds and litter like dogs with no masters to pick their feces up in bags, or scoop their feces out of the sand traps with hands a kendho (spelling).


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