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Ice Tongs - Where to Find Silver, Silver Plated, Stainless Steel, Acrylic and Unique Ice Tongs

Updated on September 16, 2011

Ice Tongs - Finding the Perfect Set

If you are in the market for ice tongs you might have a bigger selection to choose from than you might imagine.

There are so many different options for ice tongs and ice buckets with tongs sets that I actually had a hard time deciding where to stop listing them.

Different options include:

  • Stainless Steel Ice Tongs (great durability and many uses)
  • Acrylic Ice Tongs (great for outdoor, casual or boat use)
  • Silver Plated Ice Tongs (for more sophisticated use)
  • Ice Bucket and Tong Sets (can be used for both everyday and elegant occasions)
  • Designer and Elegant Ice Bucket and Tongs Sets (for more elegant occasions)
  • Fun Ice Bucket and Tongs Sets (for the crazy backyard, college or theme party)

Read on to discover all of your options as well as price and where you can buy them.

Ice Tongs - Stainless Steel Ice Tongs

There are quite a few benefits to having ice tongs made of stainless steel which is one of the reasons they are the most popular.

They are highly durable, dishwasher safe and tongs with longer handles also come in handy for serving hot food or for cooking on the barbeque or oven due to their high durability.

Stainless steel ice tongs also come in a huge array of styles to choose from. You can choose from heavy duty tongs for everyday use or fancier ice tongs for social occasions.

Acrylic Ice Tongs

Acrylic Ice Tongs and acrylic ice buckets are perfect for any party, but are probably used most often used for picnics, entertaining on a boat, backyard or outside parties due to their durability.

There are a couple of options when it comes to finding acrylic ice tongs. You can purchase a set of tongs separately or with a matching acrylic ice bucket if you do not already own one.

Most of these sets are very reasonably priced and you will get tons of use out of them for years to come.

Ice Tongs - Unique and Pretty Ice Bucket and Tongs Sets

Luckily there is also a huge selection of unique ice bucket/ice tongs combination sets.

These are heavy duty sets made for frequent use, but these sets are also elegant and versatile so you can use them for any occasion from a backyard party to an elegant sit-down dinner.

Ice Tongs - Silver Plated Ice Tongs

Definitely made for your fancier affairs, silver plated tongs can add a touch of elegance to any social gathering or dinner party.

You have the option of purchasing silver plated ice tongs by themselves or you can choose a coordinated set of tongs with silver plated matching ice bucket.

Any of these items will add a touch of class to your bar or dinner table.

Ice Tongs - Sophisticated, Elegant and Designer Ice Tongs

There are some beautiful and elegant ice tongs available for fancier parties or sophisticated gatherings.

Some of these are made by designer manufacturers such as Waterford, Lenox, Mikasa, Nambe and other designers.

Most of these include the elegant ice buckets that go with the tongs, but when used together these sets are absolutely elegant.

Ice Tongs - Fun Party Tongs

If fun, weird or unusual is what you are looking for there are a bunch of ice tong or ice bucket tong sets available as well.

These are perfect for party themes, college parties or simply crazy get-togthers.


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