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Ideas For Vinyl Wall Quotes

Updated on July 28, 2010

Wall quotes seem to be taking off quite rapidly but after looking around online there seems to be a mass of ‘life quotes’ up for retail. Nothing wrong with life quotes of course, they are obviously popular but with this article i hope to come up with a few more ideas about what you can achieve with some simple wall quotes. When writing this list i’ve come to the conclusion that the uses are almost inexhaustible (held back only by your imagination) so i’ve gone with a few of my favourites!

Wall Quote Ideas

  1. Living Room Feature Point.
    Use as a main feature point using a simple style of one large word or expression.

  2. Garden Tubs!
    Now not the most conventional use at all but a fun way to add names to garden tubs for all the family.

  3. Dining Room Feature Point.
    Again as in point one add a talking point with a simple and elegant design.

  4. Children’s Nursery Rhymes.
    A few lines of your favourite nursery rhyme adds a classic quality when compared to more modern wall stickers.

  5. Office motivational quotes.
    You might think this falls under the life quote category but I think this fits into a more unconventional use… almost the anti life quote!

  6. Door Stickers.
    Again names can be used or in the case of the example ‘little monsters’!

That’s just a few of the favourite and novel uses for this new breed of wall sticker that i’ve come up with. If you’ve got any more then please let me know and comment below!


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