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Identifying and Hiring a Suitable Professional Cleaning Service – Essential Guidelines

Updated on January 31, 2017
Are You Worried About the Getting Your Bond Back?
Are You Worried About the Getting Your Bond Back?

Exciting though it is to move into a new house, it also implies closing the agreement pertaining to your old apartment, part of which entails apartment-bond cleaning in order to retrieve the deposit. Shifting into a new house also calls for a certain amount of expenditure in terms of furniture, colour schemes and so on and this all the more implies that you must ensure that the entire amount of the bond is refunded to you.

One of the most dreaded aspects of handing over the apartment is bond-related cleaning and it is in this regard that tenants are usually unsure of what to do. As a tenant you can either undertake apartment-bond cleaning yourself or alternatively hire a professional service provider to handle the same for you. It is only when you settle on the latter option that the answer to the question ‘which cleaner should I hire?’ needs to be found.

Should You Clean the Apartment Yourself?

Many tenants are of the opinion that cleaning the apartment on their own is not just cost effective but also more thorough. This is nothing more than a myth as proved by a survey involving tenants because in addition to cost involved in acquiring the equipment it can prove to be physically exhaustive.

Multiple employees of a professional cleaning service
Multiple employees of a professional cleaning service

Hiring a Professional Apartment-Bond Cleaner versus Do-It-Yourself Cleaning

With the pressure of moving out already weighing on your mind, it is hardly possible for you to focus on cleaning of the apartment. However, this also happens to be an aspect that you cannot afford to overlook, ignore or neglect since doing so could cost you the entire deposit amount. So rather than undertake the cleaning yourself, you must give serious consideration to the option of hiring a professional service provider.

Whether or not this option is suitable for you can be best judged only after comparing it with the only other alternative. To this effect, discussed as follows are some aspects that highlight the advantages of hiring a professional cleaner vis-à-vis undertaking the task yourself -

Time saving – It is only when the furniture, appliances and belongings have been moved out that the full extent of cleaning required becomes apparent. From walls, doors and windows to ovens and cupboards, everything would need to be scrubbed as a part of apartment-bond cleaning so that at the time of landlord’s inspection the interiors are totally spotless.

While it would take you endless number of hours to accomplish the task as per the laid-down standards, for a professional service all it would take is just a couple of hours at a stretch. Thus, hiring of a professional cleaner is definitely time-saving as compared to handling the task yourself.

Professional Service has All The Necessary Equipment
Professional Service has All The Necessary Equipment

Availability of Equipment – Cleaning of property for apartment-bond requires specialized equipment that tenants usually do not have and would need to either buy or rent in lieu of stipulated charges. In sharp contrast, a professional cleaning service would have all the necessary equipment at its disposal, thus ruling out any extra expenditure.

Experience – As opposed to you who might be undertaking apartment-bond cleaning for the first time, employees of a professional cleaning service are likely to be more experienced courtesy of being a part of the industry. This factor is important because experience goes a long way in determining the quality of cleaning that takes place.

Lack of experience on part of the tenant could result in missing out on some of the crucial aspects of cleaning which in turn will provide the landlord with a reason for not refunding the deposit. On the other hand, courtesy of its experience in this field, a professional cleaning service would be well aware of areas that will be checked during inspection as also the standard of cleaning expected in lieu of the deposit.

Expertise and Experience Are Some of the Plus Points of A Professional Service
Expertise and Experience Are Some of the Plus Points of A Professional Service

Advantages of Hiring Professional Cleaning Service

Having compared the two options, you will have realized that a professional service is better placed to handle apartment-bond cleaning as compared to a tenant. In addition to points used for comparing the two options, following are some added advantages that you stand to accrue by opting for a professional cleaner –

Relieved of the Responsibility – Courtesy of the experience and expertise of a professional service, you can rest assured that apartment-bond cleaning will be well-looked-after. Relief derived from this assurance would play an instrumental role in assuaging your worries and you will be in a better frame of mind to look after other aspects related to moving.

Hectic that shifting is, every bit of help goes a long way in rendering the process a little easier for you and to this effect hiring could prove to be truly helpful.

Your Presence Is Not Mandatory – Once the service personnel arrive at your apartment with all the equipment and accessories required for conducting apartment-bond cleaning, it is just a matter of time before they embark on the task. When that happens, you and your family members will be asked to move out of the way so as not to hinder with the tasks that would be in simultaneous progression.

On your part, you can utilize this opportunity to complete all the other miscellaneous tasks that require you to move away from your old apartment. Paying bills, shifting of utility account and shopping for the new beginning are some of the chores that can be attended to while your apartment is being cleaned by experts.

Customized Cleaning Solutions – What renders professional services truly attractive is their ability to offer a variety of solutions to cleaning issues in different parts of the apartment. A novice might just end up using the vacuum cleaner over every surface but a professional service would decide on the cleaning method as per the nature of the surface and type of cleaning required.

For example, when it comes to cleaning a carpet, the best way to remove stains entails spot cleaning wherein a cleaning agent that is meant for particular type of stains is used. Likewise, interior of the oven requires a strong cleaning solution and a non-abrasive cloth for wiping so that the surface does not suffer any scratches.

Customized Cleaning Solutions for Different Parts of the Apartment
Customized Cleaning Solutions for Different Parts of the Apartment

Guarantee of Bond Being Refunded – Tenants are mostly worried about not receiving the bond deposit in full at the time of vacating the apartment owing to some aspect of cleaning having been overlooked. While this is possible in case of the tenant undertaking the task himself, probability is greatly reduced with a professional cleaning service handling the task.

Usually professional services that are specialized in apartment-bond cleaning offer a money-back guarantee, which implies that whatever service charges you pay will be refunded to you if the cleaning is not up to the mark. Therefore, such services maintain impeccable standards for apartment-bond so that the landlord is satisfied enough to return the deposit. In this way, not only do they get to earn the charges but also gain in terms of reputation.

Scope of Work

As regards apartment-bond cleaning, a professional cleaner must –

  • Clean and disinfect bathrooms, including toilets, basin, bathtub, shower and light fixtures
  • All household appliances including oven and hood of the kitchen range
  • Light fixtures all over the house
  • Cupboards, cabinets, architraves and skirting boards
  • Walls, doors and windows
  • Mirrors and fans
  • Vacuum cleaning of carpets and flooring

Which Cleaner Should I Hire?

Considering that not all professional services for apartment-bond cleaning are born equal, it is imperative for you to be able identify one which would suit your requirements in the best possible way.

An ideal start would be to use the Internet and go through local directories to find out the names of services that offer apartment-bond cleaning and prepare a list. Word-of-mouth recommendations can also be relied upon to find such services wherein you can make inquiries among your known social circles if anyone might have used such a service in the past.

Having formed a list, the next step would be to place a call at the contact number provided and interact with the customer service representative or office staff. Based on factors like response time, level of information and etiquettes, you can establish the credibility of the service. Accordingly you can then eliminate names that do not deserve any more attention and list down only those firms that are worthy of being considered.

Scope of Work Of Apartment-bond Cleaning
Scope of Work Of Apartment-bond Cleaning

Important FAQs' for Hiring Cleaning Service

Assuming that you have short-listed a number of services in close vicinity, the next step entails thorough vetting of each one of them prior to finalizing the deal and signing the contract. This can be done by asking appropriate questions wherein the replies would enable you to judge the veracity of the service. In case you need guidance in deciding which questions to pose, listed as follows are queries that must form a part of your questionnaire –

How long will they take to complete the task? Given that a professional service has a number of trained employees it should not take more than a few hours to complete the task. You must confirm that the time-frame should be limited to within a day even for bigger premises without levying of any extra charges.

A word of caution in this regard pertains to being aware that some services levy extra charges for a quick job. These should be duly avoided since apartment-bond cleaning should not take more than a day if undertaken by a professional service.

Do they offer money-back guarantee? One of the surest ways of judging the credibility of am professional apartment-bond cleaning service is to check whether or not they offer money-back guarantee to their clients. In this regard, you would find that a service provider that enjoys a good reputation and is experienced and proficient usually never hesitates in offering money-back guarantee since it is confident of its methods.

A strong recommendation would be to steer clear of services that refuse to provide money-back guarantee because it implies that even after having paid the charges you might be left high and dry without your bond deposit being refunded.

Are they certified with the relevant authorities? Irrelevant though this step might seem, it should never be ignored if you are to avoid unpleasant experiences later on. Certification is indicative of the fact that the service is legally recognized and is liable to pay for damages in case things go wrong when the task is in progress.

To acquire the certificate, the service needs to fulfil certain basic criteria. This would work to your advantage since it implies that the service will have met certain standards and would maintain them in future in order to retain the certification.

How flexible is the service provider? Shifting is a process that is fairly unpredictable and is often marked by unprecedented delays and change of plans. In such a situation, the apartment-bond cleaning service should be flexible enough adjust not only as per the timing but also cleaning solutions. As long as it is able to adapt its methods to the situation at hand, you can rest assured that it is worthy of being hired.

Is it willing to work within your budget? So as to avoid misunderstandings in future, you must mention your budget for apartment-bond cleaning at the beginning of the discussion. This would enable the professional service to ascertain the range of options that it can provide for the given amount. Being clear about the budget would also help you to identify a service provider that would be willing to offer maximum options at affordable rates.

When it comes to hiring an apartment-bond cleaning service, you must remember that cheapest is not always the best. At the same time, it is not necessary that a service provider that charges exorbitantly high rates would provide exceptional standards of cleaning. Your objective should be to strike a balance between the price charged and the extent of cleaning services provided and you must bargain for maximum number of services in lieu of the charges being paid.

Final Word

On your part, there are certain aspects that you would be required to fulfil before the staff of apartment-bond cleaning service walks in, primary among which is clearing all the rubbish. Some of the other aspects that would require your attention are completing all repairs and replacements and ensuring that all the cabinets and cupboards are unlocked. It is also your duty to inform the cleaning service of any hazards or potential dangers that the staff might face while cleaning.

Ultimately tenants must know the answer to the query ‘which cleaner should I hire?’ because it could mean getting rid of the stress, saving time while shifting and receiving the entire bond deposit back.


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