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If Looking for Apartment, Check Apartment Complex Reviews

Updated on June 7, 2012

Gone are the days when one had to remain dependent upon the opinions and suggestions of friends, relatives, and property dealers. Today it is the age of the internet and one can make the most of the information available on the internet to even find an apartment to live. When ordering a gadget from Amazon, don’t you like to read a few reviews first? In fact many like to go through reviews of latest mobiles, cameras and other items before buying them from various online shops. Choosing an apartment is a much bigger issue that concerns your living along with the privacy and comfort of your family members. Apartment complex reviews available on various sites pertaining to apartments and houses present themselves as a god tool for all those searching for an apartment for rent or buying.

However, everything is not as simple and rosy as it is made out by the sites carrying apartment reviews because of several reasons. For one, you cannot take every opinion on face value just like every other testimonial on the internet. You could be reading the outburst of a tenant harassed by his landlord or a biased review arranged by a builder to promote his apartment complex. Sometimes even a decent living space could be made to appear like a place not worthy of living with family if the review has been placed by a competing complex. Still, for all their drawbacks, apartment complex reviews are proving their worth and helping many find their dream apartment.

Sieving the apartment information that matters

But how do you make out if an apartment is worth living on rent or buying for your family when there is so confusion regarding the authenticity of the reviews? Well, it is possible to find a common thread running from a number of reviews to make a short piece of apartment information. The best way to find a common ground is to consider the best and the worst reviews as useless. With both extremes gone, you are dealing with the real reviews by actual dwellers. With experience, it will be easier for you to tell a fake review from a genuine one.

Beware of extreme opinions

If you are reading an apartment review that looks vitriolic and the reviewer is hell bent on complaining about various aspects of living such as poor floor quality, lack of fresh air and sunshine, you can take it for granted that the person has been paid to write such a negative review. On the other hand, lots of praise heaped upon the apartment also indicates that the writer is trying to glorify an apartment complex and there is every chance that he has never lived in the apartment he is praising so much.


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