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Complete all types of self-sufficient wood projects using a pocket hole jig.

Updated on January 1, 2012
Kreg Jig
Kreg Jig
clamp aligns the joint while screws are added
clamp aligns the joint while screws are added
Flush finished joint
Flush finished joint
Kreg Jig used to build strong barn doors
Kreg Jig used to build strong barn doors
Kreg Jig used to build harvest table. Skirt and legs all held together with pocket hole screws.  Table is solid with no wobble.
Kreg Jig used to build harvest table. Skirt and legs all held together with pocket hole screws. Table is solid with no wobble.

You will find a Kreg pocket hole device will become a very popular tool for any one building wood projects

Woodworking takes on a new skill level with this simple system in the shop. Next to a pneumatic brad nailer, the Kreg Jig is one of the most useful tools to have around any woodworking shop. The system allows you to drill perfectly aligned screw holes into the sides of wood and then clamp and screw them together with special screws to have one of the tightest and strongest joints available, all perfectly aligned ready for a light sanding and finish.

Designed for cabinet and furniture builders, like us you will quickly discover the Kreg Jig indispensible in just about every wood working project. We have used ours to make roof trusses for a garden shed, join soffit extenders, make strong door frames, shelf brackets, bird houses, wood picket fence stringers, stair railings and the list just goes on and on.

My husband has built cabinets and furniture for years; up until I bought him a Kreg Jig in the early 90s the words and expressions coming out of the shop would make the best blush. He always struggled with making the perfect tight joints needed for the cabinet face styles. He used dowel rods, screwed blocks on the back and even took the time to mortise and tenon the joints together. The Kreg Jig system made his quest for the perfect wood joint possible time after time.

I have bought him a lot of woodworking tools and devices over 32 years of marriage. My best two investments for him has been the pneumatic nailer in the late 80s and then the Kreg Jig System in the early 90s. These two additions to our wood shop have produced some of the finest and strongest future heirloom furniture for our family. I did purchase him an electric biscuit cutter, but that has not always as reliable as the Kreg Jig. He uses the biscuit cutter when joining wide boards together such as a table top.

The Kreg Jig is fast and reliable. The jig can be fastened to a bench or clamped into a vise. The jig has an adjustable hold down clamp that will accommodate up to 1-1/2 wood thicknesses. Once the wood is clamped into place a special drill bit with a stop collar drills screw holes at the perfect depth and angle so the screws won’t blow out the front side, only one side of the joint requires the screw holes. The wood part receives a dab of glue and is clamped in to place with the special made Vise Grip Clamp. Special self cutting screws are used to pull the wood part snug and tight into the other section. Remove the clamp and move on to other joints, no other clamping or waiting is required. My husband also assembles items without the glue, such as jigs and temporary joints that he will take a part or will want to adjust. The screws are designed with a square head drive so they don’t strip out, the drill driver will come in the kit. The screws also have a flat heat so they will pull the wood parts together but won’t keep going deeper and out the back side.

The only down side to the Kreg Jig is that it does leave exposed holes and is not the best for cabinet doors or other furniture that will be exposed when opening. They do sell filler plugs in different woods, but the hole will still be noticeable when stained and finished. We did build a screen door, used the plugs, sanded and painted them, with success.

The Kreg Jig System is available at home improvement and woodworking stores for around $140. Be sure to purchase an extra supply of both 1-1/4” and 1-1/2’ screws to get started. They also sell plated screws for outdoor projects.


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    • homesteadpatch profile image


      7 years ago from Michigan

      You are correct. If you know a woodworker that doesn't have one of these, it would make an awesome gift. We have one, and we use it. It really is awesome.


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